The key to real success, as we saw in the previous article in this series, is neither what you have, nor what you do. So what is it? How much time have you invested in contemplating this crucial question?

First Reflect on Your Answer
If you haven't already come up with your answer then please do so, it could change your life. Your successful implementation of this secret of success can only be achieved once you have come up with your own answer. Read that article, and spend as much time as you need.

Don't self sabotage, do yourself a favour and ensure you give yourself enough time to come up with your answer. And what is the answer? The answer is that you don't know yet. So don't continue reading here until you have checked out all the possibilities you can think of and seen how none of them actually fit the bill.

Is Success what you Have?
You need to authentically know the answer for yourself, not have it handed it on a plate here. Such thinking is just like exercise, you don't get fit if you delegate! Unless you put in the effort yourself, you self sabotage because you don't get the benefits. You can't delegate your exercise!

What you have depends upon the cooperation of other people, who are sometimes dishonest. If your success depends upon what you have, then since your belongings can be stolen, other people can steal your success. The inevitable conclusion is, what you have is not the secret of success.

Is Success what you Do?
What you do also depends on cooperation. Cooperation of other people, as well as the cooperation of your body. If anyone decides decide to stop cooperating, does that mean you stop being a success?

As you get older, the wear and tear on your body means you're no longer as capable in doing what you do. So if your body stops co-operating, does this mean you're no longer a success? Think of ex Superman Christopher Reeve, who ended up a quadriplegic, or Sir Frank Williams, who runs a successful Formula One racing car team from a wheel-chair. I see them both as highly successful.

Is it possible for people in wheel-chairs to be successful? They are physically less capable in terms of what they can do. If your answer is yes, then what you do cannot be the secret of success.

Is Success what you can Do Mentally?
How about what you can do mentally? Is success only open to geniuses and Mensa candidates? Or can ordinary people like you and me also be successful?

Success is not a physical commodity that can be passed on or stolen, it's an authentic knowing inside that you are a worth-while human being, contributing to the wellbeing of your loved ones, capable of meeting and overcoming the challenges of life. It's who you are not what you have that makes you successful!

What are You?
Here's the final question for you to contemplate. If you don't understanding the question, then write down no as your answer. Record your answer of either yes or no to each variation on this question. Writing will help you internalize this secret of success.

Are you a human having? A human doing? A human working? A human learning? A human feeling? A human wishing? A human moving? A human needing? A human wanting? A human existing? A human stressing? A human worrying? A human suffering? Or a human thinking?

Have you written down your answers to all of these? If you haven't, that omission is pure self sabotage. It means that you've allowed your self sabotage mechanism to hijack your thoughts and tell you that you can't be bothered, you don't have the time, or the energy, or a pen/pencil/paper. Or that some other excuse is valid enough to stop you from benefiting from the wisdom available here.

What you Are
Your answer to what you are is crucial. Without it, how will you authentically implement this vital secret and change your life? The answer? See the next article in this Secret of Success series.

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Food for Thought
"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom."

- Lao Tzu, b 604 BC, Confucian philosopher, literally "The Old Master."

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