Are you still playing your sales game the same way you did three years ago? Are you doing the same things you have done for years? Are you struggling and can't figure out why? Are you having the same success you enjoyed in the past? What are you doing to change your "Game"?

Why Change?
I was talking with Doug Hoyes today. He is always challenging his people and himself to change “their Game”. He is on another mission to change things and grow his business even more. His comment to me was: “If you are not changing how you do your job by 25% every year; you need to be looking for another job!” I agree with Doug’s comment.

Look at how much technology, business and the world has changed in the past three years. The technology that is available today makes the technology from three years ago look like a rotary dial phone! The business and financial world has changed dramatically in the past three years. So based on just these two examples, what have you changed dramatically in the past three years – or are you still using a rotary dial phone?

Your customers are being forced to change. Your competitors are being forced to change. You are being forced to change – so what are you doing to make that change? What is it that your customers need to be profitable and successful in their business in 2011? If you don’t know – what are doing to find out? What has changed with your products and services and how do your customers know about these changes and how they affect their business? Remember last month’s newsletter and the discussion of Social Media. Three years ago few business’ were using social media – now it is a part of most business’ marketing plans.

Staying ahead of the change
The successful sales reps have been adjusting their game each year – If you follow Doug’s advice – What 25% of your game do you need to change. It takes great courage to look at your business and change a quarter of what you are doing. However, for those that do, the joy for them is that they continue to evolve their sales efforts, make more money and grow their customer base.

So what do you change? First off look at what isn’t working for you. What clients are wasting your time? What clients have stopped buying from you and why? Go ask them. What has changed in your marketplace? What has changed with your competition? Who are your top customers? Are they the same as last year and the year before? What is the profile of your top customers and how does that compare to the rest of your customer base – this will help you deal with the clients wasting your time and/or not buying from you.

Letting go of old habits
What habits or beliefs do you need to let go of? We all have one or two habits that we need to let go of. What are yours? What written plans and goals do you have? If you still believe the Internet is a fad – let go of that notion. If you believe that you are going to be successful without referrals and repeat business – then work 18 hours a day and see how that makes you successful! Get challenged by books like the 4-hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. Don’t agree with everything Tim says – be open to taking some of the things he talks about and try it. It will change your game.

When I look back on my career – the years that I had breakthrough years were the years I let go of old habits and beliefs. The year I learned that I didn’t do all the talking and I started to shut-up was the year I changed my sales ability forever. I have had three breakthrough years in my business in the past 5 years. Each year that happened I made a fundamental change to my business and my view of what I wanted the business to do. Once I did that I grew the business between 50 and 100%.

Sayers Says…
What 25% of your business will you change this year? Are you still using a rotary dial phone or are you using the latest technology to your benefit? What do you need to change to have a breakthrough year? What isn’t working for you? What will you do to change? How are you going to be successful this year? What do you need to find out about your customers business?

What are you doing to “Change the Game”…

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