Pulse oximetry is the non-invasive and benign testing method which determines the oxygen levels in your blood. Pulse oximeter simulator is the most prevalent device that gets used to check oxygen saturation levels of the blood. The device can detect tiny changes like how is the blood flowing from the heart to other organs like legs, arms, etc.  

How does it work?

A small clip-like device gets attached to a body part like fingers, toes, and earlobe. It further gets connected to the pulse oximeter simulator. The clipping device passes light through the body part. For instance, the pulse oximeter clips your finder, where one side of the clip shines the light, and another side detects it.  

Further, the amount of light absorption by the blood helps detect oxygen saturation. It doesn’t measure the oxygen level directly. But, it uses complex equations and other information to determine the exact level.   

Uses and purposes of the pulse oximeter

The primary goal of using oximetry is to check how efficiently your heart is pumping oxygen through your body. The pulse oximeter tester gets used for people who get diagnosed with conditions that may affect their blood oxygen levels. Such conditions refer to asthma, pneumonia, anemia, lung cancer, COPD, congenital heart defects, heart attacks or failure. 

The oxygen saturation level may drop low due to other reasons as well. They include suffocation, choking, drowning, and inhaling toxic chemicals, general anesthesia, and allergic reactions. Also, in cases of newborns, it’s essential to monitor blood oxygen levels. Apart from checking oxygen saturation in blood, the pulse oximeter has other uses too. 

Some of the common uses are as below.

  • To detect if someone momentarily stops breathing during sleep, it happens in cases of sleep apnea 
  • To determine if someone needs breathing aid
  • Monitoring oxygen levels after or during surgery that demands sedation
  • To know the helpfulness of supplemental oxygen therapy, mostly in the case of new treatment 
  • To check how new lung medication is working 
  • To assess the effectiveness of a ventilator 
  • To judge someone’s capacity to bear increased physical activity 
  • To learn various side effects in drugs-addicted people that affect breathing and blood oxygen levels 

To conclude 

Those were the uses of a pulse oximeter or pulse ox tester. It gets used to monitor the health of people who are suffering from a condition that might affect their blood oxygen levels. The device is quite famous for its use in hospitals.      

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