The secret to happiness is not found in the daily dramas unfolding around the roles played in the illusion of life-situations. Happiness is found deep within, in the uncluttered peace and tranquility of the silent moments, shared with our highest creative self. Once you bridge the gap between thoughts and dogma surrounding your daily activities you will gain a new perspective of how to consciously connect to your natural state of being, which was always intended to be happy.

Most people are so wrapped up in the roles they play in daily life that they forget why they came here in the first place. We all have a mission in life and that mission is clearly visible to each one of us in the silence of meditation. When you take the time to silence the mind and get in-touch with your true higher-self you find all the reasons you are here. They will unfold in the manner they were intended. Remembering your purpose is easy once you begin removing the cluttered thoughts of everyday life-situations and open yourself up to reconnected with your Original Source Agreement.

The steps to happiness are all a matter of your perspective on life, and your acceptance of what is, while living life focused on what is really important. During a tribal meeting with a village Chief in Fiji he was asked, "What is the purpose of life?" This question brought a smile to the faces of the villagers sitting in the circle for discussion, as the Chief answered, "Why the purpose of life is to be happy mun." It is really that simple. You are not meant to be anything other than happy; it is truly your natural state of being. In this particular village in Fiji, the members of the tribe did not work outside of the village, in a job, if it diminished their happiness. It was understood that happiness was the main purpose for living life and to take away from that happiness in any manner was not in alignment with core purpose. Those that choose to stay within the compound only participated in activities that were necessary for them to sustain life based upon using their natural talents. They live a life filled with love, peace and light with happiness being their main priority.

Prior to being born into this world we are provided gifts/talents based upon our Original Source Agreement. Those gifts are meant to be cultivated as we age. We will always have a feeling of happiness if we pay close attention to what seems to come naturally to us. If we utilize our natural gifts to their fullest intention (based upon our Original Source Agreement) we will be in natural harmony with higher-self purpose. Most people spend their life seeking a career that will bring them the most money, instead of focusing on what brings them the most happiness. When happiness becomes the forefront purpose of your existence you will be in alignment with your true higher-self and money will no-longer be the diving force for the career choices made. When you live life with your natural talents guiding your existence, money will natural flow to you as if by magic.

The most important step you can take in moving forward with a happy blissful life is to reconnect with the gifts you were provided before birth. You can do this through meditation, where you become naturally connected with your Original Source Agreement. The smoke screen of role playing is not who you really are…you are far more than your mind will ever allow you to be. You are an infinite divine power simply waiting to blossom into your greatness. Only you know what your true gifts are and they are available to you with every breath you take on this miraculous journey called life. Pay close attention and they will be revealed to you.

No-one can tell you what will maintain your state of happiness…it is an inward discovery only you can cultivate.

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