Asbestos is a natural mineral that was extensively used in the construction sector for insulation purposes, but unfortunately, it was found that when this mineral starts aging, its fibers disintegrate and become airborne to cause health risks. It has been concluded through successive tests that these fibers can be potentially fatal, as breathing them in can cause hazardous physical ailments including lung cancer. Signs for asbestos can be checked on one’s own but consulting a professional for the job is always recommendable, as they have special equipment for asbestos testing. If there is asbestos at a place, it must be repaired or removed so that people around its vicinity can stay safe.
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There are certain ways in which asbestos testing is performed so that an area can be kept free of this potentially dangerous mineral. In the following sections, we will take a look at some of the steps that are conducted during the process.

•Getting a professional for the job – Contacting a government-approved contractor is the best way to get an asbestos testing done. They are amply trained and licensed in dealing with asbestos so that the suspected particles can be analyzed by them satisfactorily. They can provide authentic results for it and can also help in filing the required paperwork that may be needed by government agencies. If samples are being collected by a person, it will also have to be provided to a government-certified laboratory for proper analysis. Moreover, the protective gear that was worn during the sample collection has to be deposited to them for disposal.

•The preparation required for testing – Asbestos testing is a very specialized process, and during the process, the asbestos in the air can get disturbed and create significant health hazards. Therefore, certain precautions need to be taken before a certified contractor carries out the testing process so that everyone stays safe. For example, fans, ventilation systems, and air-conditioners should be put off so that there is no asbestos circulation in the air. All cracks and crevices also need to be blocked so that asbestos does not escape outside.

It is always prudent to close the area or the room from where samples are being collected and no one should have access to it at the time. If sampling is being conducted within a home, it is always a good idea to vacate the place during the testing process.

•There are certain steps within the procedure – When a certified contractor conducts asbestos testing, there are certain safety protocols that are followed stringently. Professionals conducting the test will have protective clothing and gear that include protective clothes, boots, and gloves. They also have a face mask having a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter and all of them are disposed of by them after sample collection. First of all, plastic sheets are laid around the area from where the sample is to be collected and then the area is sprinkled with water so that loose asbestos fibers do not become airborne.

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The suspected substance is then cut using a tool and put in an air-tight container so that it can be sent to the laboratory. Thereafter, the area from where the sample was taken is patched up using drywall, tape or plastic sheet so that suspected fibers do not spread out. Finally, the protective clothing is kept in a sealed container for proper disposal.

•Sending the sample to an accredited laboratory – The collected sample is sent to an accredited government laboratory for asbestos testing. If the results are positive, then a decision will have to be taken regarding the repair of the place or removal of the material so that there is no asbestos left in the area.

These are the processes involved in the testing of asbestos and must be complied with if there is any suspicion of the mineral being present in an area. It is important to conduct the same so that people can stay safe and secure from asbestos poisoning.

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