Transporting items in your UTE requires some investment of your time and effort, given that you want to load safely and ensure that the things are secure in the tray.

Suppose you are a die-hard fan of DIY projects, especially during such uncertain times like these when half of the world is shutting down due to the pandemic. DIY projects involve loads of shopping and purchasing heavier objects. Overloading your UTE tray can lead to serious disasters and debris on the roads. If something falls off the UTE, you might end up injuring a by-passer. That said, it is your responsibility to secure the load in the best possible way. It’s not only about getting the items safely home. It also involves staying safe and keeping others safe.

Read on to learn some essential methods to move items safely in your UTE.

Securing the Load with Ratchet Straps

Before we plunge into the details of loading and securing the items on your UTE, let’s stress the importance of getting a good-quality UTE tray mounting kit. You have to ensure that your UTE is heavy duty so that the items can be moved from position A to position B with safety. That said, you will require at least four ratchet straps (heavy-duty). The length of these ought to be at least 4.5 m that ought to suffice for a minimum of 454 kg load. The thing about bungee ropes is that these might be safe to use if you are sure that you will have a bumpy-free ride and that you will be driving extra slow.

Suppose you are transporting boards. It is recommended that you bundle these up with the ratchet straps' help before loading them into the UTE. Also, refrain from resting the panels, such as timber, on a raised gate. You can start the bundling process by laying out the ratchet straps on the UTE bed. Subsequently, load the heaviest/ longest pieces of boards over the straps. Make a pyramid of the load by stacking a shorter length on the top. Secure the middle, trailing, and the cab end with the ratchet straps. Lastly, anchor the boards to the UTE bed by crisscrossing the straps across the timber while attaching one end of the straps to the cab's anchor rings. The farthest belt of the load should link to the tailgate end.

Flimsy Items need Extra Support

If you are transporting fragile items, such as guttering, then you require extra care. That said, it is recommended to wrap the ends of the breakable items before loading them in your UTE. Wrapping them up will ensure that things don’t get flopped around and damaged during the ride. All you need is a roll of shrink wrap for this purpose. If you go the extra mile for safe transportation, you are more likely to enjoy peace of mind. Don’t ignore the lighter loads. The lighter loads usually get to the top of the entire load. These need to be held in their position as well, which can be done with ratchet straps. Drive safe!

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