Many people think that if they have double eyelids, their eyes will become more beautiful and more energetic. Therefore, double eyelid surgery has become very popular. It can very well help many people meet their wishes and needs, thereby becoming more confident. คุณอาจสนใจ ทำตาสองชั้น ที่ไหนดี.


Generally speaking, people with short eye clefts are not suitable for double eyelid surgery, and people with relatively short eye clefts cannot make double eyelids too wide. Many people will think of opening the inner and outer corners of the eyes for short or short eye clefts. In fact, opening the canthus surgery will cause some retraction and may also deform the eyes. Not all people are suitable.


The upper eyelid skin of the double eyelid is thinner and the eyelashes appear longer, giving people a more clear and beautiful feeling, while the single eyelid gives people the feeling of small, bloated, and lack of vitality. Double eyelid surgery can fundamentally change this phenomenon, increase the three-dimensional effect of the eyes, and make the eyes look big and energetic, and truly brilliant.


This depends on a person's face shape, the width of the eyebrow arch to the eyelid margin, the depth of the eye socket, and the thickness of the upper eyelid. The face is broad and plump, the distance from the eyebrow arch to the eyelid margin is wide, and the eye sockets are deep. The double eyelids can be made wider, on the contrary, they should be made narrower. Orientals have narrow upper eyelids, flat eye sockets, low eyebrow arches, and thick upper eyelids. Double eyelids should not be too wide, generally 5 to 8 mm.


The double eyelid visually enlarges the contour of the eye, adds the three-dimensional effect of the eye, makes the eye appear larger, and makes the eyelashes upward, giving a vivid and expressive feeling. On the other hand, the single eyelid is thicker, the eyelashes are drooping, the eyes are obviously smaller, and the eyes are dull and lacking in vitality.


You can see the advantages of double eyelid surgery.

  1. No marks, double eyelid surgery using advanced minimally invasive technology, breaking the tradition, no marks after the operation, quick recovery, and beautiful facial harmony.
  2. The effect is realistic, the face is natural, almost equivalent to the physiological structure of natural double eyelids, real, natural, and long-lasting.
  3. Minimally invasive surgery, with only slight pain and very little bleeding.
  4. Cutting double eyelids can also improve swollen eyes, ptosis and sunken eyelids.
  5. Small damage and quick recovery, can remove excess tissue and fat under the eye area.
  6. Change the eye shape and open the cracked eye to make the eyes more youthful.
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