The application of aluminum alloy die-casting is becoming more and more extensive. However, as a new type of casting process, the aluminum alloy die-casting penetration process is also widely used. Today, Huayin Die-casting will briefly introduce you to the advantages of the aluminum alloy die-casting penetration process?

Save costs

1. The mold used for the penetration of aluminum alloy die-casting parts can be used for life, with almost no loss, reducing or eliminating mold costs.

2. The impregnation of aluminum alloy die-casting parts eliminates the traditional forming core process, saves manpower and reduces manufacturing costs.

3. The impregnation of aluminum alloy die castings has gradually developed from the foundry industry with a large number of male workers to a large number of female workers. The labor force has been greatly reduced in all aspects, and the cost is also from the wages of the workers.

4. The impregnated sand of aluminum alloy die castings can be recycled, and the loss is 2%-5%.

Improve efficiency and yield

1. The foam model for the impregnation of aluminum alloy die castings is mechanically foamed. While ensuring the quality of the model, the production speed is also quite fast.

2. The aluminum alloy die-casting infiltration process simplifies the cumbersome steps of the traditional process, such as the core shape, which is laborious and inefficient.

3. The aluminum alloy die-casting parts are immersed in a box and injected multiple times, and multiple boxes can be cast at the same time until the metal solution is used up.

Improve product quality

1. The impregnation of aluminum alloy die-casting parts does not require a forming core, which will eliminate the defects or waste caused by the forming core.

2. No boxing is required, to avoid defects or fragments caused by flash burrs in the buckle box of the box body, and improve product accuracy.

3. After the furnace body is discharged, most of the paint can peel off naturally without adding flash burrs. Therefore, cleaning work time can be reduced by more than 50%, and cleaning costs can also be reduced.

4. Since aluminum alloy die-casting parts are impregnated with dry sand solid negative pressure casting, defects such as pores and sand holes in the casting are eliminated or reduced.

5. Since the immersion of aluminum alloy die-casting parts is evaporated by the foam molding model, the metal solution replaces the model, and the original shape is as close as possible to the precision casting in terms of surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

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