Here we will be discussing the tips that you can use for mixing different kinds of cooking oil. Also, we will discuss can you mix extra virgin olive oil with canola oil and why never mix water and cooking oil.

What are the tips for mixing different cooking oils?

Mixing cooking oils is a very simple task to do, but you need to be careful of which oils you mix. Given below is the list of tips that you can use to mix different types of cooking oil and use them for cooking.

  •  Smoke Point

It is known to be the highest amount of temperature which cooking oil can hold, and you should never cross this limit. This is because the molecules of the oil will start breaking, and it will ruin your whole meal and burn it.

  •  Types of cooking

Whenever you are cooking something, it is important that you know the dish and also the ingredients of it. You also need to consider the method of cooking which you are using, either frying, deep-frying, or baking.

  •  Solid vs. liquid

Cooking oils come in two states, solid and liquid, and both of these are the most commonly used by everyone. In solid, you can cook using butter, Crisco, and other things, while in liquid, you can cook with different kinds of oils.

  •  Taste

The mixing of cooking oils is not a problem, but you need to know the taste of oil beforehand. This is because if you have mixed the wrong kind of oil and cooked the food in it, then it will ruin the taste of the dish.

Can you mix extra virgin olive oil and canola oil?

Yes, you can mix the extra virgin olive oil with either canola or any other oil of your choice that you want. But the only thing is that this oil is very expensive, and it makes no sense to mix it with cheaper oil. Another thing is that mixing this oil with other oils will only downgrade its quality and make it weaker.

It means that now the nutrient-rich molecules of the olive oil have been mixed with weaker molecules of any other oil. This might even ruin the taste of the dish and will make the flavor of the oil milder than before.

Why should you not mix water with cooking oil?

There have been many instances in the kitchen where people have mixed some wrong ingredients by mistake. This will ruin the flavor of the dish, and also it will cause you to lose such good food which you have prepared with effort.

If you are using a fryer or even a pan for cooking the food, then you should never mix water in the cooking oil if it is low. This will make the quality of the oil even worse and degrade the quality and taste of the food. You can click here if you want to learn more about the cooking oils and different things on them.

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