Ingesting THC edibles is to be considered a service to your health, be it a capsule, cookie, tincture, or a gummy. They have benefits beyond a blunt. Why? The digestive system that edibles travel through is much different from the respiratory system, which means edibles hit differently.

Many of us love the instantaneous onset of a good toke, but is there a benefit to the patience required for edibles? What are the benefits of edibles?

A Quick Note on How Edibles Work

If you buy edibles online, like Juicy Coke Bottles or Gummy Bears, what happens next? Edibles work through your digestive tract. Once the stomach breaks down the compounds, including THC, your body processes them in the liver. Technically, this is a far superior method to the respiratory tract.

The liver breaks THC down into a more bioavailable compound, called 11-hydroxy-THC. The impact of this in your bloodstream is a longer-lasting high. It is almost double the length of that from inhalation.

It's always advisable to be patient, start low, and go slow when dosing THC edibles until you are familiar with the product.
1. Edibles Are Great for Respiratory Health

Eating cannabis is a very healthy way to enjoy the plant without increased respiratory issues, a point that perhaps resonates stronger in 2021, with respiratory health being a significant focus. Many health officials will advise any inhalation of smoke or vapour is not great for your lungs. It is safe to say that eating THC edibles is a lot healthier for your lungs than inhalation, with no adverse side effects to the respiratory system.

2. Edibles Are Good for Oral Hygiene

While edibles can still provide symptoms of dry mouth, your gums will not become inflamed as they could from smoking. What's more, edibles don't give you bad breath or tooth discoloration as is caused by inhalation of smoke and vapour.

If you don't have the patience to wait for an edible to kick in, try inserting and holding drops or tinctures underneath the tongue before ingesting. It only takes 60-90 seconds sublingually to allow your body to absorb the THC into your bloodstream. The onset is less than 30 minutes instead of upwards of two hours. It is a much faster option for getting high than the liver.

3. Edibles Are Discreet

Perhaps you're just starting a yoga class or you’re on a plane or in a movie theater. Maybe you really want a lunchtime dose, but you don't want to send stinky smoke signals to your peers that you’re using cannabis.

Although society has turned over a new leaf when it comes to some cannabis stigma, we still exist in a world with lingering taboos surrounding cannabis use. Smoking and vaping are not permitted in many public places, and the smell of combustion is far from subtle.

Eating a gummy or taking some drops is a very private way to consume cannabis.
4. Accurate Dosing

There are many biological factors in how edibles impact us, but why let inconsistency be one of them?

Having access to accurately measured edibles increases the likelihood you can repeat dosing and repeat success. Cannabis flower has a reputation for variable potency, whereas in edibles, the core ingredients are decarboxylated, concentrated, and carefully measured into the product.

A disadvantage is that it can be hard to determine when the THC will kick, as the outcome is a product of many biological factors such as metabolism.
A Final Word on Edibles

Consuming cannabis is an ancient tradition, dating back thousands of years. THC edibles are a useful route of administration for discretion and respiratory health. Not only do edibles have better health qualities, but they also deliver profound and long-lasting experiences

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