The present is a gift wrapped up in chaos and confusion. It feels like the walls are slowly closing in on us, choking the life out of us, robbing us of our goals and dreams. But it is far from the doom and gloom scenario most people post and share on social media. This moment in time is something else.

This is the chance of a lifetime. Something only reserved for video games and movies, but somehow we have been given that same reward. This is the opportunity to reset and realign your focus on your big bright future, should you choose it.

But letting go of the panic when it’s fed to us on a daily basis from a stream of ever flowing images, headlines and rants, is no small or simple task. It takes daily reminders, prompts and visual reassurance to combat the consistent appetite of fear.

So how do we achieve this?

First we have to remember. Remember what the big bright future feels like, the excitement of it, and the desire to experience it. The feeling of triumph, accomplishment and satisfaction of reaching it. We have to realize we are so close to it now and we must complete this, we need to.

Next we have to put things into motion that will reap the fruits of our actions later. There’s no need to rush, hustle and stress over reaching the destination. Our present is the gift of time. We have been suddenly given enough time to learn, prepare and complete each step of our journey to our big bright future.

Third, we have to have gratitude, appreciation, and true thankfulness for this prize we have been given. No one, in their wildest dreams, could have imagined the whole world being given the chance to reset their priorities, desires, values and direction all in the same moment in time.

Those of us who are ready, or are getting prepared for the big bright future will live in it. We will reap the fruit and be in service of others, helping them to realign with their dreams and goals. This is important work that goes beyond self. It is our responsibility to stay focused and achieve so we can inspire and motivate the masses to follow in our footsteps.

This is the true benefaction of this moment in time. The reason we are in it. The reason why we were given the ideas of what could be, long before we got to where we are right now. We have been unknowingly setting the table, with our skills, attitudes and habits, to lead many through this without fear and panic.

Our role, our mission is, to build a big bright future, together for all.

There is only one question throughout this that remains to be answered and only one person that can answer this. There is no one else who can do this, no knight in shining armor, no hero to the rescue. The query before us is simply this, are we ready?

Author's Bio: 

W.T. Hamilton is the award winning author of the ONE Chapter Book, The Harsh Truths- - and the co-author of the Your Invincible Power- - book series. He is a business consultant, speaker and author helping driven entrepreneurs solve business problems One Chapter book at a time.