That's what is written on my new Holosync meditation CDs. How cool is that? What a terrific positive affirming message. I felt all warm and googly inside.

But what the heck does that actually mean?

What's wrong with the old me?

Actually, nothing.

The old me worked just fine. It got me alive and well here today, thank you very much.

Saying hello to the New You does not mean kicking the old you in the pants and saying 'outta here!'

After all we know that we resist persists. And last week we spoke about loving those demons out of your life, not driving a stake through their heart.

So what's this New You business really about and why should you care?

I love the message because it affirms growth. It affirms development. It affirms strength. It affirms resilience. It affirms saying 'yes' to everything I've ever wanted.

Now that is cool.

So now what?

You want to welcome in the New You. What does the New You look like? Sound like? Act like? Believe? What kind of results does she expect and get? How does she feel? What kind of funky things is she experiencing?

(Now this is starting to get fun!)

You've got a pretty good idea about what the New You sounds, looks, and acts like.

Time to get fair dinkum (Aussie translation: genuine, authentic)

Let's give the Universe a clear, unequivocal message you are SERIOUS about living into this new you.

Take a faith-based action step as the New You.

Maybe this is emptying the fridge of the chocolate and ice cream. Or drafting the plan for The Book you are finally going to write and publish. Put it all in writing (very powerful). Stand in a rain storm and shout your affirmation to the Gods.

My favourite way of taking faith based action is making an investment - of the cash-related kind. Because of all sorts of stuff attached to moolah, this kind of action is one of the most serious, tell-Universe-who's-boss kind of actions, for me. For you it might be telling your spouse about your new goal, or posting a video about it on You Tube, or blogging/tweeting about it.

Do something to make it REAL.

Hiring a coach is another very powerful way to create momentum and accountability. After all you are forking out some dosh, you want to capitalise on the energy being exchanged, and follow through on your crystal clear order to the Universe.

I also call this lighting a fire under your butt - it's too painful not to do anything, so off you go and start down your manifesting path.

So I welcome the New You and invite you to get clear, get excited, and take some inspired action.

With love and appreciation.

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