Weight Loss Done Right

Does right feel wrong during weight loss? I know what you might be thinking. Did the Coach leave the car running in the garage too long today? Did he just say does right feel wrong during weight loss?

Well I did say it, and here’s why. So many times when I teach a new client the proper weight loss techniques of eating right foods, right portions, at least four meals per day, a common response during the first week is, feels like its not working. When in fact most lose at least two to three pounds of fat in first few days.

When I find out how they’re feeling they tell me, I feel full, feels like too much food, eating when not feeling hungry. All the feelings they never had when losing weight in the past. So even though they have been taught properly, right feels wrong to them.

Image for a moment I am a tennis coach, and I happen to come on the scene at the tennis courts and watch you hit an ugly backhand. As I instruct you how to hold the racquet in a slightly different position, the right grip feels wrong in your hand. Why? Because you have become comfortable with holding it wrong.

The same is true if you need to lose weight, your wrong eating habits feel right to you. Sounds strange, wrong feels right and you have become comfortable with wrong. If your serious about weight loss, its time to change your eating habits. Not just the foods you eat, but also acquire what it feels like to do it right.

Now I not going to change the way you are holding your fork, just adjust what your fork is attached to. I will even take all the guesswork out of what to eat. Like any good coach, I am going to encourage you to practice, practice and more practice, because practice makes? PERMANENT. Got you, its perfect practice, which allows you to receive the perfect result, the body you always hoped for. So what will we practice? Going by what we believe and not how we initially feel.

So how does the proper eating belief form? By speaking it daily into existence, and it sounds like this. Each of my four meals makes me lean by controlling my blood sugar. Each portioned meal feeds my muscle and causes me to lose fat. Each quality food I eat, repairs my cells, provides stable energy and keeps me hormonally healthy.

Does it sound like what you were saying the last time you went on a diet? Probably not and that is a big part of why it didn’t work, you went back to old habits or using my analogy, holding the racquet wrong.

Now I’m not your tennis coach, but my reputation as The Fat Loss Coach speaks for itself. I have helped thousands reach their ideal weight. You’ll look and feel your great, and best of all finally right will feel right, and because you lost the weight right, it will stay off.

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Charles Remington - Nutritionist - Author Charlie is the author of a nutrition program that has sold more than 100,000 units since 1995. He starred in a nationally broadcast television infomercial that was recognized by the Jordan Whitney report as one of the twenty five-popular infomerical's in the U.S.A. Mr. Remington's expertise and passion have been well demonstrated on several National Television talk shows, as well as regional news broadcasts. He has been the featured guest delivering his message that foods not the problem, it's the solution over national and regional radio talk shows. Known to his clients as THE FAT LOSS COACH, he has been recognized in publications, radio and television as an expert in nutrition. Charlie has conducted more than 200 seminars in the corporate, municipal and educational arena's. He has been the key note speaker at numerous trade shows and men and women's league functions. Remington has two nutrition offices in Cheshire and Glastonbury Connecticut in U.S.A.