A wedding is the union of two souls whereby they vow to spend their lives together with the blessings of God. It is a ceremony and associated rituals by which two individuals vow to be together as a pillar of support to each other. It is the celebration of love and lifelong partnership. During the wedding, a couple also thanks to their relatives and friends for supporting and loving them by organizing rich food and music.
It is a sort of festival where everybody enjoys by dancing and singing and by giving blessings to the newlywed couple. Giving gifts during weddings is an important feature. Relatives and friends shower their blessings in the form of gifts. They bring gifts for the newlywed couple, which they can reciprocate by presenting return gifts to their children . To give appropriate gifts to children is an elaborate task in itself because making kids happy is not an easy job. Here are some ideas of return gifts to children:-

• Chocolates: - Chocolates are the best return gift ideas for children at weddings. Chocolates are loved by the people of all ages, but children adore them. There are many types of chocolates available in the market to choose from depending on one’s preferences and budget. Nowadays personalized chocolates are offered by chocolate makers. You can also print a design, name or a cartoon character on the chocolates with a personalized thank you note on a butter paper. You can even make the chocolate box interesting for the kids.

• Milk Mugs: - Children are very notorious beings when it comes to eating nutritious food and beverages. They eat their food through eyes first. If they like the look of the food, they will hesitate less to try. That is why gifting them attractive mugs as return gifts during thewedding would be a great idea . Have the picture of child printed on the mug would make it even more precious. Anything related to a child can be printed along with a thank you note. Make it more personalized and see the glitter in the eyes of your little guests.

• Comfort Cushion: - Children not only like to have comfort cushions during sleep but also for playing with them. Children love to have them while reading a book or playing video games on the phone in the comfort of their beds. So giving comfort cushions as a return gift would be a nice idea. The cushions should have some animated characters printed on them to make them appealing for the children. You can even make them personalized by printing the photos of the children on them. It will make them even more fascinating for the children.

• Books: - The fairy tale classics or activity books along with some stationery sets like crayons, sketch pens. It would make a perfect combination for a wedding return gift. Make sure to choose the age- appropriate book for each child who would come to your wedding. Do wrap them in attractive gift packing along with a thank you note. This will make the gift all the more special.

• Toys: - Toys are and will remain the most sought-after item for the children. No matter how many they own, they still crave for having more. The best toys engage a child’s senses and encourage him to interact with others. Children explore the world around them through toys. Because of this fact, toys are an excellent gift option. Be sure to choose a toy according to the age of each child, so that they remember your gesture long after the wedding is over.

• Lunch boxes & Water Bottles: - Children are always fascinated by colourful lunch boxes and water bottles, which they take to school or playground. Therefore, these would be a good choice for giving them as a return gift on a wedding. Have the name of the child printed on them to make them unique and identifiable. They would love to take these personalized things to school happily.

• Gift Vouchers: - Gift voucher might seem impersonal, but research suggests gift cards make excellent gifts. If chosen carefully they can make children happiest souls on earth. On your wedding, give gift cards of a toy store or a gaming zone. Children love to go for fun and amusement where they can play to their heart’s content.


To sum up, whatever you give as a wedding return gift for children, they should feel happy and content. By adoring the gifts, they will love you.

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