You most likely got into copywriting with hopes of earning six or seven figures a year and enjoying an enviable lifestyle working from your lap where’s all the money? People ask me this all the time, and I can remember searching for the answer in copywriting books and on the internet. All I found was a bunch of generic advice, meanwhile the high paying copywriting jobs continued to evade me. Reminds me of the elusive photos of bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster...are these jobs really out there or is this all a hoax to sell books on how to earn a six figure income as a copywriter?

If you’re itching to know the answer to this question, you might be surprised at how I discovered the existence of these mythical creatures...

Big Money Copywriting is About Attraction

Wealth attraction as a copywriter is all about learning how to get the customers to hunt you down, instead of you hunting them down. Does this sound impossible? It’s not, but it starts with making yourself attractive as a copywriter...and that’s what a lot of writers don’t know how to do. How much different is the perspective of a client who seeks out YOUR services as opposed to the one who sees your name amongst a dozen other copywriters all bidding for the same job? I’ll tell you what, it’s so different that you can take the rates your bidding now and stick another zero on the end.

Just put yourself in the position of a buyer for a second and imagine what it takes for you to go out of YOUR way to find a good copywriter. Really stop and think about this in contrast to the practice of putting up a job on Elance and having five bids within the first 24 hours. Just the physiological perspective is enough to create MORE value for the copywriter who you seek out, as opposed to those who are lining up begging you for the opportunity to work for you.

How Do You Attract Customers to You?

If you want to attract customers to you, the first thing you need is a unique brand and a reputation. In other words, you have to be somebody more than just “Joe Bag O’ Donuts” copywriter. You need to position yourself as a thought leader in the field of copywriting AND marketing. A thought leader is someone who uses their expertise to create value and to position themselves as a unique personality within their industry. Being unique makes you more attractive, and if this uniqueness helps you to create value for your customers, you’re even more attractive.

The next step is knowing how to get your name out there, but FIRST, you must have a unique brand, one which is indistinguishable from the other copywriters out there. Once you have this, you’ll stand out enough for buyers to see you out, and that’s more than half the battle.

Author's Bio: 

Seth Czerepak is a personal achievement expert, professional copywriting and the Vice President of VQ Success LLC.

Seth has been practicing and studying the strategies of behavioral transformation and personal leadership development for fifteen years and has empowered hundreds of people to make positive changes in their lives. He has coached people from various backgrounds: athletes, salespeople, corporate executives, parents, couples, teenagers, medical professionals, artists, freelance entrepreneurs and even people suffering from substance addiction and depression.

Seth Czerepak is no stranger to the challenge of personal adversity, having successfully used the method of Value Driven Transcendence to overcome addiction, poverty, divorce, obesity, and financial ruin, and to restore the broken relationships in his life. He has learned the difference between personal leadership development theories which have no place in real life and practical strategies which can be used to create genuine results.