Shakespeare said it, “This above all; to thine own self be true”.
In a journey of life recovery, a transformation to a new and more abundant life, had not one of our real problems been true to our selves and selfishly so?
For me the answer to this was yes; but I know today that the self-centered person I was true to was not who deep inside I was. I was being true to a “me” that had been created due to poor thinking and actions over an extended period of time. I was true to a “created self”.
I always had that small still voice inside that, in moments of clarity and self-honesty, was very uncomfortable with whom I had become. With practice over years, I learned how to bury or for the most part, ignore this part of me; the true me. I had lost touch with reality, my goals, and my feelings and with honesty to self. I had hit an emotional bottom and had found my own ways of numbing myself or escaping life for periods of time.
This being said, in most aspects of my life I still preformed well and carried out functional responsibilities reasonably competently. But I was not truly happy. Life was dull not vibrant, and I became sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Through a series of wake up calls, and the still quiet voice inside screaming out, I made a decision to get help and work at creating the me I was meant to be; to recover a life I wanted through a holistic and co-creative process. Co-creative meaning that it was done by me but with the help of other people and regaining a spiritual centre.
Today, the journey continues, but I have created a new self, once much more in tune with who I know I was meant to be.
Life is not perfect nor am I. The defects of character I discovered about myself in the journey are still there, but I am conscious of them and have tools to help me cope with them. I can dream positive dreams and pursue them in a positive fashion. I can give to others what I have regained in myself. I can live a life full of hope and enjoy that much sought after serenity within. Perfect no; contented yes.
We are created selves and with help, do have the ability to create a self that we are meant to be. A self who is easy to be true to. Want to talk about how? Get in touch without cost or obligation at www.hopeserenity.ca. If I can give away a part of what I have then I am being true to me!

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