The first day of every month I think about what I intend to achieve during the month, what actions I need to take and what habits to put in place to achieve them. So, today I created my ‘check off list - how am I doing with my habits in October’ chart I discussed in my recent blog Climb the Ladder to Happiness with Habits.

Fourteen weeks tomorrow it’s the 1st January 2014 and I’m beginning to wonder what I desire in my life next year, so I can deliberately design it. Being a life coach, I realise the importance of setting intentions as opposed to New Year resolutions I’ll stick with for a couple of weeks!

So, another year, a new chapter, what will you do with it? Perhaps make a life-long desire a reality? Whether it's learning to play a musical instrument, a new language, changing your career, finding love, becoming a parent or reinventing a whole new you. All you need to begin is a piece of paper (or how about starting a journal), a pen, focus and some time to embark on the following seven steps:

1. Do whatever it takes to feel incredible as your attitude will determine your success. Go for a walk, exercise, meditate, listen to your favourite music, have a candlelit bath!

2. Get honest about who you really are. Ask yourself: What does my best self look like? Who do I want to become?

3. Find clarity around what you really desire in your life by asking: What do I really want? I begin asking clients: What would you choose to do in your life if you could do absolutely anything with no limitations, no prospect of failure or no accountability to anyone? The answer is generally what they don’t want, which I reassure them is a natural reaction and the next useful question is: What do I want instead?

4. Write a list of your desires, making sure they genuinely are YOUR desires. Get intimate with your desires! Get real! Ask: What experiences do I want in my life? How much will they cost? What’s the investment? Who do I want in my life? What home do I want to live in? What car do I want to drive? How many times do I want to holiday and where do I want to go? Where do I want to shop? What would make the biggest difference in my life?

5. Our beliefs about ourselves and our life create our reality when we find evidence to support those beliefs. Create a belief for each desire by asking: What do I need to believe to (insert desire)? Answers may be ‘good enough, clever enough.’ Then start building evidence to support those beliefs.

6. Create an affirmation around your beliefs for each desire. Write in the present tense ‘AS IF’ it’s already happened with an attitude of gratitude. For instance ‘It’s the end of 2014 and I’m so grateful I am now earning £4000 a month’ or ‘Its 29th June 2014 and I’m grateful I am wearing a gorgeous engagement ring from the guy who gets me.' Listen for any resistance and tailor your affirmation or the desire accordingly.

7. Take ACTION! Repeat your affirmations daily with feeling, visualise your life as if you’ve achieved your desires, what will be going on around you, what will you see, hear, feel? Who's around you? Add yourself to the picture, add colour, sounds then ask ‘What inspired action am I prepared to take today, tomorrow, next week, month to move me closer to my desires?’ Create your ‘check off list – how am I doing with my habits this month’ chart. Email me at for a copy, or for anything else. I’d love to hear from you.

So... What are your desires for 2014?

Feeling overwhelmed? Watch this space as I will be taking you through this process step by step over the coming weeks. Next week: Creating and achieving your desires.

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit ~ Aristotle

Author's Bio: 

Madeline is a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Certified Life and Business Coach, Author and Workshop Facilitator.

Having pursued a career in business for over thirty years, Madeline decided to follow her lifelong interest in self-improvement, resulting in a desire to pass this new found passion in life to others.

On her journey, the belief 'I create my own reality' was so empowering it enabled her to turn her life around from just living to deliberately creating her ideal future. Through her own research and personal life experiences she has created amazing relationships, a lovely home, her ideal body, a fulfilling career and a thriving business. Using the same tools and techniques she helps others bridge that gap.