112113_ImageMaker157-1You are marvelously made. There is so much more to you than what your physical eyes can see. Part of the game, called “The Evolution of Humanity” is to use our imagination and know that we are infinitely more than what we portrayed ourselves to be the day before. We are Image Makers – that is YOUR gift.


The Ego will have you center your attention on your past history. It will insist that the past reveals all there is to know about you. This is a lie. Deny the lie. Affirm the truth. You are a creation of Infinite Intelligence. This universe is a wonderful place, and you are a wonderful part of it. How can you not be? You are part of “All of It,” aren’t you? And the “Infinite All” is breathtaking. So, indeed, are you breathtaking! Don’t let the Ego get ahold of that; it will turn it into a vain obsession. Do absorb that fact deep into the subconscious so it (the subconscious level of your mind, where your true power lies), goes to work helping you realize this in your daily affairs.


The next five blogs will offer you five Truths that will help you to think and feel right about yourself; help you to understand the importance of the role, Image Maker. Bear in mind that your potential is unlimited when you imagine yourself continually aspiring higher and achieving great things.





Truth One about your Breathtaking Self:

The moment your  action aligns with a belief – you fuse with that belief; it takes you over; it decides your reactions and your actions; it gives you a specific point of view. Why not act as though you are the Master of your Fate? Why not believe that you are worthy of all that is good and beautiful? Make that the castle that you build in the sky, and soon you will find yourself aspiring higher and higher, making that castle your home.

The fact that you are an expert Image-Maker is what enables you to break free from the limitations that the world will try to impose on you. The world will chant 1,000 NO’s; your job is to sing “YES.” Sing “YES” to whom? Sing it softly to yourself in everything you think and do. That is how you make your dreams come true.


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