We are all connected and all part of the universe and the Kingdom of God. We create our reality and bring about our good fortune by the way we respond and naturally affect the responses of others. In fact, we are all basically seeking to return to the realization of who we are, a magnificent manifestation of God’s creation.”

If this is true, and I believe it is, then why don't we always recognize that we are connected and live accordingly? Why don't we always value our brothers and sisters who are sharing this lifetime with us?

When we are confronted with the current appearances, in the form of people, activities, events and circumstances, that is the time to remember who we are, to realize the illusory quality of all that is around us. It is truly amazing how these appearances start to change or we see them for what they are and are no longer bothered by them.

The goal of life is to accept and love your self and to allow others to be themselves. You share with them what you like and don’t like without expecting them to change anything to please you or because you think they need to change something. Nobody wants to change. Everybody wants to be accepted, understood, loved and acknowledged for just being themselves.”

But how do we handle a “Critical Incident, like the one I was asked to oversee as a therapist to help employees with their emotional responses. A person wielding a gun had come to this office, not once but a second time, to get money. Nobody had been physically harmed but they were certainly visibly shaken and traumatized. And the thief managed to escape a second time without being caught.

What can be said to people who have just been traumatized, fearing for their safety and imagining the worst possibly of being brutally harmed or even killed? First step was to listen attentively with compassion, tenderness and total presence. This was a tight-knit office where all the employees worked well together, felt secure in their jobs and enjoyed coming to work. They had just begun to relax again from their reactions to the first incident and then it happened all over again.

They needed to be reminded of their current safety but that true long term safety is actually an illusion. None of us has total control over what might happen. Any one of us can suddenly meet with uncommon disaster (deadly storms, vehicle accident, fatal illness, even murder).

What is essential for every one of us is to continually recognize what is good in our life, no matter how much difficulty we are currently experiencing. It is so important to talk about what is working well, what makes you feel secure and happy and alive.

Many of us have learned the principles of higher consciousness. But how many of us are able to access that higher level of knowing and being when we are confronted with adversity, trauma, betrayal, physical or emotional pain and suffering? This is when it is most important to access the love that is within us and all around. Each of us is a fountain of love if we are willing to share from our heart. If we are able to make one person smile, improve the life of only one person for even just one day, we have done something magnificent. Imagine living in a world where everyone's goal was to improve the lives of others. Hmmm.

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Dr. Erica Goodstone, a Spiritual Relationship Healing Expert, Licensed Professional Counselor, Marriage Counselor and Sex Therapist, helps men and women heal their bodies and their relationships through love. Her unique mind body awareness method brings new profound understanding and personal acceptance into her clients' lives. Her books will literally transform the way you think about and handle your relationships to your self and to everyone else. Schedule a session and find out more at http://www.DrEricaWellness.com. Get one of her free reports and access to her newsletters and upcoming events at http://www.CreateHealingAndLoveNow.com/blog.