Matryoshka is a folk didactic toy. Didactic means teaching. What does she teach and what does she develop in young children?

Games with matryoshka dolls develop fine motor skills of fingers, manual skills of kids.

In the classroom with nesting dolls, children master the ideas about the size of objects and about actions with them (a large matryoshka cannot be put into a smaller one), perception develops (you need to combine the drawing on two halves of the nesting doll so that it matches).

Kids learn direct and reverse actions (disassemble - assemble), learn to do actions in a certain sequence, which develops memory (they need to remember the sequence of actions, and then repeat the actions of an adult).

The kid also learns to bring the matter to the end and achieve the result (assembled matryoshka). It is very important that in playing with nesting dolls the result is clear - if you assemble the toy incorrectly, then there will be an “extra” nesting doll.

Matryoshka is a special toy because it depicts a person.

Therefore, you can call a big nesting doll matryoshka - "mother", and small nesting dolls - "daughters". There are even special nesting dolls depicting a family - grandfather, grandmother, mom, dad, and their children. You can play any plot with nesting dolls - nesting dolls receive guests, nesting dolls walk, nesting dolls dance, nesting dolls drive to the store by car, and any other everyday scenes.

When buying a matryoshka, check that all the details of the toy can be easily removed and put on (it happens that the upper part of the matryoshka is too "tight" put on its lower part, which will cause difficulties for the baby). You can buy a multi-seat matryoshka, but not give your child all of its parts at once.

At about 1 year 2 months - a year and a half, you can start teaching your child to independently assemble a double matryoshka, to distinguish between the concepts of "big" and "small", "smaller", "more". At about 1 year 9 months - 2 years old, the baby can already act independently with a two-seater matryoshka and masters a three-seater matryoshka toy, and then a four-five-seater one.


What can a child do on his own while playing with nesting dolls? What matryoshka doll corresponds to his level of development? How to select the necessary parts for a child's play from a multi-seat matryoshka so that he can do the task himself? It largely depends on the age of the baby and his skills.

1 year 1 month - 1 year 3 months - two nesting dolls with a difference in the size of about 3 cm. The small nesting doll cannot be opened.

From 1 year 3 months to 1 year 6 months. Two nesting dolls with the same size difference, but both of them are detachable (that is, they consist of two parts and are open and close).

From 1 year 6 months to 1 year 9 months - three nesting dolls with the same size difference. Two detachable nesting dolls, one - the smallest - inseparable.

From 1 year 9 months to 2 years - three nesting dolls with the same size difference, but all three are detachable.
From 2 years old to 2 years 6 months - the baby can assemble a 4-5 local matryoshka by himself, all the nesting dolls are revealed.

From 2 years 6 months to 3 years - the child learns to assemble a 6-seat matryoshka, while all the nesting dolls are detachable (open and close).


In the first game with a nesting doll with a toddler at the age of one and a half years, it is best to give the baby two nesting dolls - one large (of two parts), and the other a small one-piece. We will not only teach the kid how to fold the matryoshka but also introduce the words "big", "small".

Step 1. First, we introduce the baby to the matryoshka. Show your child a large nesting doll, tell them how beautiful, bright, smart, in a scarf and a blouse (by commenting on our actions, we lay the foundation for the accumulation of words in the child's dictionary, even if he does not speak yet). Shake the matryoshka - Oh, it rattles! What is thundering? Open the nesting doll and show the nesting doll - baby. Close the matryoshka and place two matryoshka dolls side by side in front of the baby.

Step 2. Play hide and seek with nesting dolls - hide a small nesting doll in your palm. Where is the matryoshka? No nesting dolls! Open your palms - Here is the matryoshka! Then let the kid try to hide the matryoshka in his palms. Where is she? Not! Where is the matryoshka? There she is!

Then take a large nesting doll and try to hide it in your palms. Big! You can't hide it in your palms!

Ask your kid to show you a small matryoshka and a large one. We can hide a small nesting doll in our palms, but not a large one.

We help the child internationally: we speak about the big matryoshka in a lower voice, about the small one - in a high and thin one.

Step 3. Open a large nesting doll, invite your kid to put a small nesting doll in it. Ask your child to cover the matryoshka with the other half. Rotate the matryoshka yourself to match the drawing on it. Praise the matryoshka, rejoice out loud - Beautiful matryoshka.

Step 4. Give the kid the nesting dolls for him to play on his own. Let him try to get a little nesting doll. Then it will close the big one. Will play with them.

You can play out a little scene. It is very important that an adult accompanies actions with matryoshka dolls in simple syllables that the kid can repeat, for example: “the matryoshka walks top-top-top, the matryoshka sings la-la-la, the matryoshka jumps Skok-Skok-Skok, the matryoshka is driving a beiiii- bb, matryoshka fell boo! Boo! The matryoshka hid Ku-Ku. Let's call the matryoshka go-go, go-go ”or any other action that will be interesting for your baby. Let the child show you where the big matryoshka is, where the little one is.

Step 5. We collect the matryoshka and she goes for a walk or goes home: "top-top-top".

So you can work with nesting dolls from about 1 year 2 months to 1 year 6 months. One such game - a lesson with a child takes no more than 5-7 minutes, and it is better to repeat it several times with different actions of nesting dolls in step 4.

If the child shows interest in the toy and easily copes with the tasks, then you can give him a triple matryoshka in the next game.

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