Choosing a bespoke orangery allows you to build something to meet your exact needs. Once you have everything exactly the way you want it, it is important to make sure the temperature remains perfect too. This can be difficult in a room which is largely dictated by weather conditions outside.

Conservatories are notorious for being too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Although it is a challenge, there are actually things that you can do to keep the temperature right all year round.

The best way to regulate your temperature is air conditioning; in fact you can get air conditioning units specifically designed for orangeries. The first thing you probably think of when thinking about air conditioning is keeping a room cool. Of course this is true, but an air conditioning unit will also heat a room. It is actually surprisingly cheap to regulate the temperature of your orangery as advances in technology have made air con units cheaper recently.

Thermal energy from within your room is pushed outside by an air conditioning unit. It actually works the same way as a fridge, taking warm air and venting it. Heat pump air conditioning lets you reverse this process, to extract free heat from outside and transferring it indoors. This even works on cold days so you can keep your room heated throughout the winter. Compared to central heating, using a heat pump to heat your conservatory is 5 times cheaper.

Fitting blinds to your orangery is another way to regulate temperatures in summer. Solar blinds will not cool the room if it is already too warm, but by avoiding heat coming in through the glass it does help. Blinds and air conditioning used together will get the best results.

With air conditioning you can choose the exact temperature you want for the room and then let the unit do the rest. You just need to use its thermostat to set your desired temperature. You won’t even get a sound from a modern air con unit, something that used to put people off in the past. Rather than only getting a few months use a year out of your orangery, it makes sense to invest in air con so you can get the most out of the money you have already spent on the room.

Author's Bio: 

Sarah Haines has a great deal of interest in orangeries and the best ways to regulate their temperature throughout the year and loves to write articles on the topic.

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