The projects constructed by Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Firms go through a complicated project management system before the final product is ready and delivered. Between the bidding of a contract to the completion of the building, the construction team goes through a series of complicated processes which involves planning, budgeting, coordination, execution and evolution.

Construction management has many elements which coordinate together to plan, budget and work. The agents such as contractors, construction professionals, managers and workers, workflow and data have to collaborate from the start of the project to its completion. This is where connected construction comes into play. Through connected construction, these agents, workflow and data are interconnected. The IT infrastructure of acts as a glue to bind together the team, process and data.

The connected construction with help of IT technology helps to provide the right information at right time to the onsite workers. The delay in conveying material information about changes in the plan or resources would result in cost overruns.
To help your AEC firm in connected construction, we at iFieldSmart have the right software and technical support to ensure connected construction.

Our web-based 3D model has a 3D file viewer to help the onsite workers and professionals to visualize and better coordinate with the workflow. Construction Industries across the globe are adopting Building Information Modelling in their projects to streamline and automate construction management.

How can iFieldSmart Technology’s iFBIM help you in connected construction?
The iFBIM is contemporary project collaboration software that helps to streamline workflow, better collaboration and thus enhances productivity.
The 2D or 3D models of the project can be viewed anytime to help you stay updated on project developments. iFieldSmart provides you with Project Collaboration Tools and BIM coordination software to implement Connected Construction for your projects. You can store files, put a digital signature on them and assign clashes to the traders.

You can sync all your files with iFBIM web and app which helps you to access them at any time and on any device. If you implement connected construction through iFBIM and the iFCloud. This ensures that the whole team can access information and coordinate through one platform resulting in quick decision making, problem-solving and reducing duplication of work.
The data remains on one interface and the user have to do changes only once to reflect those changes everywhere and hence all team members have access to the updated information in real-time. They help to reduce delays by minimizing duplication of tasks and also reduce data loss. The team can seamlessly coordinate and communicate faster.
Hence, connected construction in Construction project management is significant for any AEC firm to work smoothly.

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