Healthy hair, the kind that looks perfect, and every single day is really a dream come true for most of us. But many might be caught unaware that at the very core of hair care are the simplest of things that could bring about a world of difference!

Bhringraj is an herb which is known to work wonders for one's hair health. In Assamese, this is known as Kehraj while in Tamil, Bhringraj is known as Karisalankanni.

Bhringraj leaves are found in landscapes which are moist, and in Ayurveda, the herb is considered to be an effective liver cleanser, while it acts as an excellent tonic for hair as well!

Sages of old even mentioned Bhringraj as Rasayana, or an ingredient which slows down the aging process!

But for hair health in particular, Bhringraj could work wonders. Let's run through some ways in which Bhringraj could simply transform your hair!


A high specific gravity makes Bhringraj dense, making it easier for the herb to get to the hair roots. So it acts as an excellent tonic for dry scalp.

As one uses Bhringraj for one's hair, it helps activate the sebaceous glands to facilitate hair growth, strengthen hair, right from the roots and make the hair thicker, bouncier, softer and healthier.


Studies show that if used regularly Bhringraj can work effectively for treating baldness. One of the key mechanisms by which Bhringraj facilitates the same is by improving blood circulation at follicles, so as to bring about more nutrition to support hair growth.


For reducing stress and also minimizing stress related hair fall, Bhringraj acts as an elixir. And that is mainly owing to the cooling effect Bhringraj has on the scalp.

As Bhringraj nurtures follicles, it works as a natural therapy for preventing hair loss. The herb is rich in minerals which make up for the deficiencies which often lead to hair loss. So it effectively works for promoting hair growth.


There is a very unique mechanism by which Bhringraj oil supports hair growth!

As one uses Bhringraj, it increases vasodilation, which is the widening of blood vessels. This in turn boosts the flow of blood to the hair roots, allowing growth of newer and healthier hair.

Experts recommend that for promoting hair growth, one must massage Bhringraj oil on to the scalp in a circular motion for 10 minutes, and leave it for at least an hour.


With Bhringraj, one can maintain one's natural hair color! Yet another very interesting fact about Bhringraj is that a dye obtained from Bhringraj is used as a natural hair color.


Use Bhringraj for an enhanced hair quality, and also getting over split hair. Coconut oil, amla and Bhringraj act as some of the best hair conditioners.

Pushpam Hair Oil is a compilation of some of the most effective Ayurvedic herbs, each of which is well renowned for its prowess for a much improved hair health. Some of these include Bhringraj, Amla, Jatamansi, Brahmi and Henna.

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