HideMyAss is the best leading, emerging and as well as the fastest growing VPN service providers from the United Kingdom that currently offers VPN services and web proxy that directly allows people to simply hide there unblock websites, IP addresses and as well as allow them to surf anonymously stuff online. HideMyAss provides more than twenty five thousand IP addresses that's why it is considered as one of the largest VPN service providers in all over the world. With the help of this software you can easily watch online TV on sites like Live NetTV APK and many more.

Server Locations

As of now HideMyAss offers 620 VPN servers and these are in more than 75 countries that are greatly comprising with 77,340 plus IP addresses. In addition, to this, there are also more than 312 servers that are perfect and giving 43,680 Internet Protocol addresses in the United States. New IP addresses and new VPN servers are added regularly in the HideMyAss. It is quite important to you to know about the total number of servers in your country as because the much closer you are in a server faster the connection will be.

You can simply use the HideMyAss to excellently secure your region restricted content everywhere around the world. Likewise, if you live in Europe and then you want to see the U.S content such as Hulu or the Netflix, the HideMyAss will provide you a chance to easily do it. All you have to do is to just connect to the VPN server of the United states, that’s it. This will locate you in the United States virtually and provides you a chance to easily access any type of blocked content. Like watching online TV on sites like TVTAP and others.

VPN Protocols

If we see the VPN protocols, then HideMyAss servers almost support all the major VPN protocols. Actually, VPN protocols are ruled that how much data is controlled and exchanges in between a computer. The best and also the most common protocol of VPN’s are the PPTP, L2Tp and as well as the OpenVPN. The OpenVPN is known as one of the most secure and reliable because it uses the robust industrial cryptography library Open SSl for the authentication and encryption process.

Whenever connecting to the HideMyAss server always select one from the given list, which perfectly supports the OpenVPN connection. To connect to the open connection all you have to do is to just open the server of OpenVPN from the mobile device which downloads and install the HideMyAss OpenVPNconnect app of mobile. If you want to connect the server of OpenVPN on the MAC, you have to just download the tunnel black on the windows, simply download the original OpenVPN client or Pro HMA VPN service provider.

Is the HideMyAss being fast?

Well, people often ask that how much faster is the HideMyAss? The most simple and the perfect real answer is that it is fast enough to easily download and stream all kind of high-quality online videos and as well as a perfect software that allows you to play games. Almost each and every customer of the HMA gives it an average rating that is around 4 out of the 5 on the speed, that is considered as quite a perfectly acceptable score. If we see the connection speed then it depends on various factors like the type of protocol you are using, the type of transport method you use and as well as your choice of the DNS server.

The support of the HideMyAss?

It is quite fair to say that the HideMyAss offers a good timely support. As after purchasing the VPN service from the HideMyAss, I couldn’t shed the email through the Mail program easily. But after an hour, I directly contacted to their support team with the help of an email and received a quick reply with a complete fair step by step instruction to easily fix up the issue. The overall experience with the customer support was perfect. You can easily get help from the HideMyAss by simply sending them the Emails, search for the answers as well in their question and answer forum, or you can also use the Live Chat feature.

The Live chat service of the HideMyAss is perfect and operates 12 hours in a day and as well as it is also the quickest and finest way to get a quick response from their side, especially for the sales relates information and inquiry. However, if you have any query for the billing and technical related questions, then Email is the best and fastest way to get all your problems fixed. In addition, to this, the email also shows you the traceable records for any future reference. The HideMyAss forum i9s actually where the users share all the information that is related to HideMyAss knowledge and as well as their experience with the HideMyAss program. This is a perfect way to help others, you can also find many useful tips, and as well as easy tutorials and the answers to all the related question on the forum.

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