Do you also dream of increasing your sales dramatically like your fellow wholesale suppliers ? One of the ways of doing so is by not focusing on attracting new customers, since winning new customers in today’s highly competitive wholesale industry requires a lot of money, time and effort. The best alternative to boost your sales without acquiring new customers is by retaining your proven customers. Even if you intend to attract prospects, do this with the help of your existing customers. This post discusses how you can go about achieving this.
No customer loyalty!
The best prospect that can boost your sales is the one who you have already turned into a customer. Ask yourself if it is easy to generate repeated sales from customers who have already bought in bulk from you? It’s really hard, but not impossible! There is no customer loyalty in today’s world! Yes, we all have to face it. If you are thinking that those who purchased your Wholesale Products once would surely buy the second time as well, you are wrong. Customers always prefer those wholesale suppliers who offer better deals to them with respect to price as well as value.
Proven customers - The real sales boosters
Though generating repetitive sales is tough but it gives you a real boost to your sales and increases the viability of your wholesale business. Once you put efforts in enticing your proven customers, you can expect a constant stream of orders from them. An enticed customer not only places his/her orders but also refers your business to his/her peers and colleague and gives a tremendous boost to your business sales.
According to a research, it costs almost five times more to hunt a new customer as compared to generating repeated sales from an existing customer. This means generating sales from the customers who’ve already bought from you is economical and the money you save rewards you in the form of more profits.
How to entice your proven customers?
• The sales representatives, if sell to your existing customers over and over, then they’re real salespersons. Learn to cherish your resources and reward them for their hard work. In order to push your sales force to entice the proven customers so that they buy again, you must set up a sales incentive program. The program should fairly reward members based on their performance and encourage them to perform better than before.
• To be respected and privileged is the desire of every human. Don’t forget that your customers are also human beings and if they are also treated like your general customers, they would perceive that you don’t value them. Never treat all of your customers as if they’re people off the street. Your regular customers must feel that they are highly valued by you. For this purpose, you can send them small gifts on their birthdays, cards to thank and appreciate them on special events. You can also offer extended credits and discounts to them.
• The best way to entice your proven customers is to add value in your wholesale products and demonstrate that value to them before you demonstrate it publically. If you are going to organise some event and you have not advertised it publically yet, let them know about it first. The first right on the value you add to your offers is the right of your existing customers. If they ever come to meet you for business dealings, give them special protocol. If you have launched a new product or similar product with innovation, offer a free sample to them.
In short, enticing your proven customers to generate repeated sales requires two things e.g. courtesy and value added products. Once you are rich in these two things, it’s the time to initiate your efforts and boost your sales dramatically.

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William King is the director of Wholesale Products, wholesale suppliers and Wholesale Supplies. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.