21 Rules for Success
1. You need to have a single minded purpose and have total clarity and accuracy on what you want.

2. Have unstoppable positivity – positivity is contagious

3. Lifelong Genius – It's important to constantly improve yourself with lifelong learning and education – wealthy people have a love of reading

4. Generosity Factor – be generous and charitable, it will come back to you

5. Have flawless organization – being organized is a huge time saver, and makes for a clear mind

6. Have your eyes on the Prize - know exactly what you want and where you are going – pay attention and work smarter not harder – Control your attention and take action to achieve your goals

7. Have stunning initiative – this sets the dreamers apart from the doers – it becomes effortless – self promote, and stay positive

8. Have automatic self discipline – have a to do list and stick with it

9. Learn to bounce back – learn from adversity and defeat – accept criticism and be willing to fail faster. Have the tenacity to bounce back in the face of failure.

10. Be a visionary – have continuous creativity, be constantly innovative, refer back to the rules when needed

11. Yoda Factor – Have mentors that know what you want to know (leverage the knowledge of others 24/7) Take massive action on a continuous basis

12. Spend time in an Entrepreneurial Environment – surround yourself with people who have vision

13. Be a man/woman person of steel – Keep your body healthy and strong to achieve your peak potential

14. Have unshakable faith – make it a silent habit and totally believe that you can achieve what you want

15. Cosmic Habit Source – repeat good habits and patterns until they become effortless

16. Have total Confidence in yourself – Master the Art of Self Promotion

17. Have a prosperity mindset – Only see opportunity everywhere – energy creates energy

18. Be the best – hire the rest – Do what you love and what you do best and outsource what you don't do or don't like to do – focus on what you do best 7 days a week

19. Risky Business – take calculated risks

20. Be a master of change – Don't resist change – keep up with it and accept that the world is changing on a daily basis – forward thinking helps to accept change

21. Last be not least – recharge your batteries - take time off to replenish your energy

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Avril Betts - CHA - Entrepreneur and Business and Lifestyle Coach

I have been an Entrepreneur for over 35 years and a long time Business and Lifestyle Coach. Although I have a retail office I myself work from Home and would be happy to answer your questions info@avrilbetts.com In the meantime check out this FREE report on 7 steps to Starting and Building a Successful Business I think you will find it helpful.