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What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud communications have been popular over the last ten years.

Wikipedia states that these are internet-based voice and data transmissions in which third party hosts remote telecommunications applications and lets an organization access them through the public Internet.

Cloud telephony is a system in which all communications and software are hosted by a service provider at remote locations outside of the company. Such technology has replaced existing business telecommunications networks, such as a PBX and standard telephony lines.

The Difference Between Cloud telephony and Traditional methods

There have been cloud telephony for more than a half-decade, but the concept is not as well understood as we see today. People knew about call routing, Hosted IVR Solutions , call recording, and analytics.

It has mainly been considered as the Cloud PBX program and does not think beyond the basic use of the call center.

Cloud-based services were seen as a solution to replace the typical EPABX box in the office.

Cloud Telephony on the other hand provides:
·Quick set-up

·Easy to scale

·Real-time data and detailed analytics

·Adds business value: Professional set up with automated IVR flows that boost company image

·Avoid hassles and save cost by process automation(Pay-as-you model)

·24/7 accessibility from anywhere, any time

·More reliable compared to traditional methods

·Secure platform with built-in disaster recovery

·Lower operational costs: No infrastructure issues thus saving major cost for start-ups

·Flexible and can be easily integrated to other CRMs

Price is an integral part of the business. Most redundant costs could be reduced at a very low cost with cloud telephony.

Telephony solutions based on the cloud are agile. We can be tailored to constantly changing business needs. This allows businesses to cut costs by reducing the need for multiple network operators and suppliers. Cloud-based telephony providers implement new features and centrally managed platform/ system updates. Those upgrades are more seamless for your cloud telephony system. Changes take place in real-time without disrupting your business day and immediately becoming effective.

Cloud Telephony will be a change of the game in the next few years. Probably the only new age platform for communication that has connected and served companies of any size and segment. It allows companies to handle client calls without compromising quality. The multistory IVR that you use to handle your calls according to your specifications. Cloud telephony is a better solution for you.

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