The unknown, that which has yet to be, the unmanifested potential. Who dares to venture into these uncharted waters? In the world of what if’s, the impossible is plausible; every dream is feasible, and all alternatives have a path to existence. So why do we only entertain the unwanted conclusion?

Activating future thoughts sets in motion the possibility for that which only exists in the fantasies of our most inventive imagination. But allowing ourselves to entertain these marvelous aspirations can induce emotions of frightening proportions. How can someone so insignificant manifest such a magnificent reality? This is the voice that speaks to us when we didn’t ask the question.

It begins before thought. Before imagination. It begins with our truths. Walking in the footsteps of the unknown cannot manifest until the truths we whisper to ourselves speak of unlimited choices. These choices are of the what if’s, of the greatest outcomes, the absolute best case scenario, the wonderful ending, the brightest of futures. It is within this mindset that your desires will manifest. The mindset of allowing the possibility of next.

The unknown is for all to venture. It was created for us to explore, to challenge us to grow and unlock its hidden advantages. The unknown doesn’t exist for us to harbor fear. It exists for us to investigate our fears and question them. Confront them, defy them; stimulate our imagination of the miraculous unrealized future that awaits us.

This is where we should take up residence. This should be our mental home. Each new adventure should manifest from the doorstep of the unknown. The unwritten future, the infinite possibilities of next. Allowing yourself to reach for something your old truths blocked you from believing you could grasp. Focusing on the greatest of outcomes, the best case scenario; seeing in your mind the picture of that which hasn’t become in the outer world yet.

Walking in the footsteps of the unknown breaths exhilarating life into your lungs. It ignites your soul. It awakens your spirit and all of your senses. It welcomes learning and enables you to develop new skills and habits. Your mind will explode with mind-blowing thoughts that emanate from your higher self, your future self.

The unknown is for the explorer, the adventurer, those who do not wish to spend their precious days in the comfort zone. Those who wish to manifest the spectacular. Those who seek that which most are afraid to fathom.

This is the mindset of the most creative among us. This is the mindset of the fearless leader, the amazing achiever, the creator of never-ending potential. This is what we all should aspire to be. The master in manifesting. The one who lives the thoughts manifested in the footsteps of the unknown.

“All that will be has already been, for before it can be it must be born in thought and lived in the memory of that which has yet to happen.” W.T. Hamilton

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W.T. Hamilton is an award winning author, speaker and business consultant and the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books as well as the creator of the world's first “ONE chapter book series” -

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