Another reading reminded me of the title of one of those great old songs from my past- "Walk. Don’t Run". Who did that one? The Ventures
I certainly remember when I finally accepted that my life needed major change, and found the courage to go out and get the help I needed to identify the path to change. I remember hearing from a respected Doctor Psychologist friend that the 12 steps were a great model for good mental hygiene.
I was, and I guess instinctively still am, a person who when he wants it, he wants it now. I approached life recovery with a vengeance; if we're going to do it, let's get it done. Easy to say patience was not one of my virtues. I learned the hard way, I had to trudge the road of recovery and be thorough in what I was doing. Change required big change on my part and it had taken me 46 years of living to get into the bad place I was in. This quote from "Experience, Strength and Hope" rings very true to me.
We must learn to walk before we can run. That's why we have these slogans.
I use that "Easy Does It" every day, to slow me down a little. . .
Before I step out and do anything, I stop and check it over first,
and then let my conscience be my guide."
As hard as it is, because it is against the way I am wired, I must sit back and remember to walk, not run. Just ask me about the story about the old bull and young bull high on a hill overlooking a herd of cows. A true "walk don't run" story. But through slowing down and doing things thoroughly, my patience has increase a thousand fold, but it took hard work. Today, patience is a virtue that I understand and quite often, can put into practice.
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