What is your life goal? Do you even have one, or are you still trying to figure out who you are and why you’re here? Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter because you’re here now, so make something great out of the life you’ve been given. So many people keep asking the wrong questions which is why they never arrive at the right ones. Begin with the end in mind. Based on that principal, what is it that you’d like to accomplish in this life? How do you want to leave this earth, full of regret and remorse, or satisfied and fulfilled? The choice is only yours, and you’re in the perfect place in your life to begin.

Deep in your soul there is so much still waiting to be expressed and shared. You need only to open yourself up and allow it to come forth and blossom. Remove your fear and doubts and allow the greatness of your soul to shine through illuminating the dark parts of your life. No matter how low, or depressed you get, there still lies that tiny seed of greatness dormant inside of your soul.

This life is not futile and pointless, it is wondrous and limitless in its potential for anything and everything you dare to dream. Take hold of your life today and imagine greatness. Begin to realize all that you were meant to be, do, and have. Change everything, give in to your what ifs and do the unexpected with your life. As long as there is breath in you lungs you always have time to create new goals or revive old ones that were once long forgotten.

Begin at once to make a plan of your new life. What is you life goal? Write it down and begin to take action everyday toward your goal. There is something you can do everyday toward your goal no matter how small. Even if it is only fostering that goal within your mind and soul, which is actually a big step. Allow yourself to walk the path that lies within you soul, for we all know deep down what we should be doing with our lives. It’s the things that create the most happiness within us, the things that seem as simple as breathing, the things that make a difference. Consult your higher self in meditation and it will always counsel you on your path.

Dare to unleash your greatness as you decide upon your life goal. If you still find it difficult to determine your path, then try this exercise, at this point right now write your own obituary and funeral sermon. What is there to be said about your life? What did you do with the life given you? What do those closest to you have to say about you? How far did the ripple of your life reach? How did you leave this earth? Now do this exercise again, only this time write the way you’d want it to be. This has a way of really bringing things into perspective. Now there is clearly a difference, and the path begins to emerge with it’s many varied beauties and intricacies.

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Rev. Bridgette Short, N.D.

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