Viruses are the simplest, the tiniest of all microbes, about 10,000 times smaller than bacteria. Once inside the body, the virus inserts its genetic material into the cell’s DNA, and start multiplying, or simply lies asleep.

Like flu, the herpes virus is highly contagious. About two thirds of world population are infected with herpes virus, which means 2 out of 3 has the virus. Both types of viruses are easily transmissible from human-to-human as a result of close contact. Once you're infected, you stuck with the virus for life.

The horror of any type of virus lies in its resistance to any medication and the tendency to mutate and erupt again and again. When it comes to treatment every doctor reminds you the same thing: “there is no cure for virus”. And it’s true, all virus related diseases are at best suppressed, but never cured.

Not anymore, the new VRX remedy is a breakthrough homeopathic formula that works on three types of viruses: herpes, flu and colds. What makes VRX so effective is its ability to destroy the etheric body of any virus. Everything that is alive has an etheric body, it's that bio-energetic field that keeps alive every biological system (humans, plants, animals). It's like electricity that feeds your computer or your TV, if you unplug they are instantly dead.

VRX ability to destroy the bio-field of the virus, makes it impossible for the virus to survive, or to create remedy resistance by mutating. That makes VRX non-specific, not limited to only one type of virus… having the potential to kill any type of virus.

The remedy was first tested on a very aggressive form of influenza virus and it worked like nothing I have seen before: fast and really smooth. The ER doctors didn’t know what kind of virus was, or din’t want to scare the patient, and sent her home. Because she happened to have cold-sores eruption at that time, which disappeared during the treatment with VRX, the remedy was further tested on herpes virus.

For flu and colds, no matter how aggressive the virus is, it simply doesn’t matter, one round of VRX treatment is enough. In fact, the worst the symptoms, the better VRX works. For herpes virus more rounds are needed. Why? Because the virus has to be active during the treatment, ​not dormant.

How does it feel to have a remedy that you can take when you have a cold, a flu, cold-sores, shingles or mono. Just one remedy. A remedy that has no side effects, a remedy that doesn’t interfere with your daily medication… This is VRX.

“After four days of using VRX, my husband's shingles condition is so much improved. Less itching, better sleep at night and the number of blisters decreased considerable. Most blisters dried out and only a few remained active, but without bleeding. It’s amazing to see all this in just four days of treatment, after years of trying everything. Thank you so much”
Popescu D, Ontario

Author's Bio: 

Virgil Paun HMC, homeopath, Vancouver, BC