Building a chatbot is a legitimately new addition on most of the enterprise’s to-do list nowadays. These bots, powered by Artificial Intelligence have drastically transformed the way businesses interact with their customers. They can be used to perform a spectrum of functions within the realms of customer interaction, customers service and several other top-of-the-funnel advertising and marketing campaigns.

Moving on, these chatbots have become even more sophisticated than ever. The progressive technology behind them has made it hard to distinguish chatbot conversations from actual human conversations. An increasing number of enterprises today are leveraging the potential of voice AI platform to develop voice-activated chatbots to share information, expand their brand outreach and offer an enhanced and integrated customer service experience.

Benefits of Using Voice-Enabled Chatbot for Your Business

Improved intimacy and personalisation

The use of voice rather than text helps to make a two-way conversation much more real. It adds a certain degree of intimacy which is not there in other simulated text-based conversations. Consequently, a lot of enterprises have started using voice recognition technology to add a dimension of personalisation to the human-chatbot exchanges.

Instant verbal feedback

This is another benefit of using a voice-enabled chatbot for your business. These chatbots offer instant replies as in case of a live conversation. This helps in keeping the users engaged. Additionally, such quick exchange of dialogues helps to make shopping or other tasks much more fun for the users.

Allows the users to multitask

Voice activation eliminates the need to physically interact with devices. Thus, the users can easily multitask and still stay engaged. They don’t need to have their eyes on their device in order to communicate with it. This removes significant customer engagement barriers.

Today, there are many enterprise chatbot platforms that can be used to create new and improved voice-enabled bots. As long as you are in range, you can speak to your bot without having to go into specific applications or click on several buttons.

Combining human touch with the convenience of digital

The evolution of e-commerce has brought in a digital world where the brands are unable to create meaningful and personalised relationships with customers. Thankfully, conversational commerce holds the potential to alter the scenario.

Voice-enabled chatbots act as employees in a physical store that offer advice on the available products as well as attend to any queries the customers may have. Thus, these bots offer a much more relatable human experience which is combined with the convenience of digital.

Final Words

The above discussion points out that chatbots are here to stay. They extend a lucrative solution for automating one of the key aspects of every business- customer satisfaction. Chatbots build on a voice AI platform are quickly gaining prominence, owing to their interactiveness and ease of input. With ongoing advancements in technology, these voice-activated versions are becoming more human with every interaction.

So, if you wish to capitalize on this upcoming trend and keep an edge over the competitors, invest in a voice-enabled chatbot today.

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