Ellie, my friend of thirty years, once pointed out to me, “You are just such a good liar . . .”

She wasn’t making a general moral statement, but observing a simple truth: She regularly forgot that I was legally blind because I was so good at pretending I was not. Fitting into a sighted, image-driven world had become a sink-or-swim full time job. But all that effort did not change the truth or the gift. Until I could let go of what I felt had been unfairly done to me, I could not receive what was being done for me. When I was willing to let go of the false story of having ordinary physical eye sight, I could reach deep within myself and hold the true story of my own extraordinary inner vision, my “I” sight.

The truth is that I cannot pass a vision test to save my soul. But I am gifted at helping other people clarify their own inner vision to reclaim their lives because I have done so for myself. Helping people identify their own false stories, supporting them in seeing their way through to appreciating, cherishing and celebrating their lives is how they come to the threshold of stepping into living their own life purpose. Transformational living at its most powerful starts here, and I am honored to be blessed with this work as my life purpose.

But I would never have been willing to receive this gift, apply it in my own life or share it with anyone else if I had clung to the false belief that I had no choice but to fit myself in where I didn’t belong, or pretend to be someone I could not be to earn a paycheck.

I had to make a decision. At some point we all do. What is your story? What is your decision?

Author's Bio: 

As a communication coach, Cory focuses her work on helping women in transition find their voice so they can live their purpose in the world.

Over thirty years of journaling experience as applied in individual and community ministries gives Cory an informed perception about beliefs, their implications and transformational power in everyday life. Cory also brings twenty-plus years of retail sales, customer service, training and management experience, with companies including Bath and Body Works, The Bombay Company and The Rack division of The Nordstrom Company, to her coaching programs.

Cory L. Kemp, a native of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay with a double major in Communication and the Arts and Social Change and Development, with a minor in Women's Studies, and was ordained into the ministry of the Moravian Church after receiving her Master of Divinity degree from Moravian Theological Seminary, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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