Vision boards are powerful tools that like goal setting worksheets, help in setting personal-goals and making your dreams a reality. It is a creative picture collage of what you desire. They are fun to create and very powerful to use.

They effectively take what you imagine in your mind and heart, and create pictures that you can see, giving clarity and focus to your goals. They are typically made with poster board on which you paste or tape images from magazines, calendars, photos and greeting cards.

They may be based on a specific theme such as where you want to live; or they may be compilation of all your hopes dreams and desires. Some questions to ask yourself when gathering images to include in your collage are:

• Where do you want to live?
• Where do you want to work?
• What type of work/activities do I want to be doing?
• What type of people do I want to surround myself with?
• What do I want to do for fun and relaxation?
• What does health and well-being look like to me?
• What do I do for fun and relaxation?

Basic Instructions:

• Sit quietly (you may want to have special music playing or light a candle to symbolically illuminate your hopes, dreams and desires).
• Focus your attention on your questions.
• Go through your magazines, etc. . . and cut/tear out all the pictures and words that attract your attention (This is the process of generating the images for your collage so trust your impulses and don’t worry about whether you will actually use all the images).
• Review the pictures you have gathered and decide which ones best represent your desires (Again, trust your feelings and allow the possibility of your dreams to be nourished).
• Paste the images on your poster board. (I always include a photo of myself on my board, so I can actually see myself in the picture.)
• When your collage is completed put it in a place where you can see it every day in order to stay focused and be reminded of your goals and dreams.
• Every morning and evening use your vision board to “see” yourself living the life you desire, knowing that through this process you are activating the Law-of-Attraction. Read why visualizing results works.

Technology has made this process very easy. Vision board software is now widely used. This software allows you to not only print a copy of your vision board, but also download it to your phone or PDA, make it your screen saver and add music to it. This flexibility allows you to be reminded of your dreams and goals more often. It is very powerful. The best software we know of is produced by Orange Peel. We highly recommend it.

Learn about software to make Vision Boards.

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