In 1993 there was a great hype about virtual reality. I mean in 93 virtual reality was just around the corner, we could almost touch it; it was there. Well, 17 years later we can say that virtual reality is in the past, but we still haven't achieved it.

What happened, what caused the revolutionary breakthrough announced so many times to disappear, have we lost interest in reality or is something else at large? Well the things that were promised than were only a dream of a handful of people that thought it possible to create virtual reality headsets that we were all meant to wear by 1997. Although all of us dreamed about it we somehow thought of it as distant future no matter what we heard in the news, it turns out that we were right.

Comparing computers of this age and the computers in 1993 we have 1,000 times stronger and faster computers and it is still not possible to create a reality headset that will not break up the illusion of reality. It's simply impossible with the current technology. But that is not the only reason why we still don't have a virtual reality headset in our backpack.

Things have changed since the early 90's, we no longer want to see reality, we want this reality to be better. So the focus of technology researched has switched from playing dreams to creating a better environment and technology that can help us in everyday life. For all those enthusiasts out there this is not the end, there are still companies working on this technology like Vuzix, and one day we may as well have that long awaited headset flashing with reality, but will it be fun and exciting as we hoped 20 years ago? Only time will tell.
The World of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality VR is moving ahead rapidly as the technology advances due to massive money flows from Venture Capital and Corporate Sponsors. Virtual Reality is rapidly merging with Simulator Technologies and Computer Video Games and it is coming to a living room near you or perhaps in your own home real soon.

What will virtual reality look like in the future? One can only guess however, it would be safe to say that it will include total immersion of the participant in a 3-D augmented reality with holographic images and wave frequency interactions with the Bio-system of the individual or individuals who are participating.
Many technologies that will allow this to happen are presently converging at a rapid pace. Military technologies that control human emotion by inciting brain waves are now available. Research is being done into mapping the human brain and researchers are learning more and more each day through fMRI technologies.
Meanwhile, videogame companies and companies that operate simulators are also coming together. And some of the biggest names in personal technologies are building more robust platforms and computer systems to handle the complexity of the latest and greatest video games.

Virtual reality is here to stay and it may replace the legal recreational drugs, as the virtual-reality experience in your own living room will allow you to be anyone you've ever wanted to be an experience anything you've ever dreamed of. Eventually the lines between virtual reality and your actual life experience may become blurred, because the technology will be that convincing.

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