We've all heard of coconut oil and its uses for cooking and skin care applications. But Virgin Coconut Oil is a term which might be new to many.

Still there is a buzz about the Virgin Coconut Oil. And it's surprising to know that the oil has often been called the healthiest dietary oil on earth!

So what is it that makes virgin variety of coconut oil different from the normal oil derived from coconuts? Let's take a quick look at the benefits.

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is cold pressed and created by using the milk extracted from mature kernel of garden fresh coconuts. And this is termed as virgin because it is 100% pure, just as the coconut white. It does not undergo any hydrogenation or heating processes.

For creating VCO, coconut milk is extracted from fresh kernel is subjected to a separation process by use of centrifugal machinery, without any heating process.

Nevertheless, the most characteristic feature of this oil is it versatility, in terms of application. This has

• Cosmetic applications -It can be used as a hair and skin oil, and also as a natural shampoo. This may be used to form beauty care products.

• Medicinal value - The oil has a high medicinal value, and may be used as medicinal/herbal/massage oil.

• Baby care oil -It's an ideal option for baby massage.

• Cooking and dietary applications - This oil can be a fine alternative for everyday cooking application, owing to its very high nutritional value. And if one chooses to go for or use the virgin variety of coconut oil, it can be greatly helpful for allowing one to overcome some everyday ailments which have come across as the banes of the age.

This oil helps control diabetes, supports the immune function and is a healthier choice for the heart, as it does not increase the blood cholesterol levels. Alternately, the oil supports an improved digestion and nutrient absorption, and even acts as a protective antioxidant.

Some recipes made with Virgin Coconut Oil are well renowned, and add distinctive and savory incense to the dishes. As an example, if you have been planning to make chocolate, cakes or muffins, the oil is simply the alternative to go for! So you could use the oil for baking, frying or roasting, and cherish the taste. This works particularly well for desserts and sweeter side dishes.

• Scent making

This oil has a shelf life of over two years.

Virgin Coconut Oil

- Reduces risk of cancer and other degenerative conditions

- Its high Lauric Acid content helps prevent bacterial, viral, and fungal infections

- Supports immune system function

- Helps control Diabetes

- Provides an immediate source of Energy

- Improves digestion and nutrient absorption

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