If you live under a rock for the last six months, it is obvious that even after the pandemic has receded, remote work and dispersed teams are here to remain. Although some employees are slowly returning to workplace settings (office or otherwise), it is just on-ramp to the road from anywhere to many. Those permanently hybrid in/off teams need the means and equipment to collaborate and work as efficiently and probably as much as before.

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Indeed, Ira Weinstein of the analyst firm Recon Research presented data during his virtual Enterprises Connect 2020 session showing that 89 percent of the IT now use video conferencing to communicate for work more than once a week, up from 48 percent of pre-pandemics.

Videoconference has become an aspect of rigor for work and social life as people hunker down in their homes around the world to prevent the death of coronaviruses. Teams rivals including Google, WeConference, Cisco, FaceBook, and Zoom will provide online video and meetings services.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to most employees being employed at home and apps such as WeConference, Google Duo and many others have become popular for both official and informal purposes. Many schools and universities have also started online student lessons, but internet access is still a problem.

WeConference and Microsoft lead the way

Although Microsoft and WeConference have achieved a big rise, all Cloud Telephony providers have seen an increase in customers. For several Microsoft teams, the best way is to incorporate them seamlessly into workflows in corporate communications, since this is already included in Office 365. WeConference has proven to be popular for Video Conferencing between friends and family members in addition to its use in the workplace. In the first two months of 2020, the business is expected to have added more customers and maybe even greater the rise in April-May.

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the usually busy streets, malls, educational institutes – schools, colleges, coaching centers, academies, universities, and Governments across the world are exercising caution due to social distancing or quarantine and looking for efficient audio and video communication tools to continue doing their work official business meetings and studies over video conference.

WeConference offers outstanding video Conferencing services that ensure consistency and the smooth communication of various endpoints. No matter what you want, whether it be an IP or an ISDN, our solution can easily link all parties, be it the network, endpoint unit, geographical position, or form of connectivity you want. WeConference Bridge is designed to connect all systems and almost all video applications based on software.

Incepted and nurtured in India, WeConference offers a homegrown solution that is both technologically sound and extremely secure. The new solution offers robust features such as AI-led transcription, video recording, meeting summaries, and more. Focuses on the utmost security and privacy of users by offering robust safety features including one-time access codes, security PIN, meeting lock, end-to-end encryption, and more. It allows moderators to secure the virtual conference room by using tools like ‘moderator-only access, one-time password and PIN, conference room lock, and user blocking feature.

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