Vedic Astrology is a vast river of knowledge which explains every aspect of life in great detail. Like every facet of life, the art form gives us detailed information about wealth and accumulation of wealth.

It is often presumed that an individual who has become rich in life is possessed with certain qualities. Like, such an individual should be hard working, and should be possessed with wisdom.

However luck stands to be equally important when it comes to something as significant as becoming rich in life. Even though many people have the right mettle for becoming rich in life, there may be times when they do not attain the riches. And that’s where the luck factor comes into picture.

The Karmic theory tells us more about the concept of wealth as well. Like every single aspect of life, it is our Karmas from previous birth that tell us how successful we would be in this life. So as per one’s Karmas, if the placement of planets in one’s birth chart is faulty, it could go to influence whether or not a person becomes rich in life.

Let’s consider certain scenarios wherein a person is much more likely to attain the riches in life.

1. A kundali could have certain Raj Yogas which exemplify if a person would become rich in his life. This also tells us about the degree of wealth that he would acquire.

2. Some of the other yogas that tell us more about the acquisition of wealth in life are the Gaja Kesari Yoga and Laxmi Yoga.

Nevertheless we can find innumerable people in our life, which we find are not possessed with these yogas, but are doing well in all aspects of life and have attained the riches as well.

Just as the case of yogas, the planets too play an equally important role when it comes to attaining the riches and affluence in one’s life. For the same, the most important defining factors are how the planets are placed in our Kundalis.

Let us quickly go through the underlying relationships the planets have with the aspects of wealth.

1. Mercury is associated with liquid cash that an individual has.

2. Jupiter brings us property in all forms.

3. Venus brings us luxuries in life, such as jewelery, and vehicles as well.

4. Mars brings land and real estate in one’s life.

5. With Sun, one gets name and fame.

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