Woocommerce is the most popular open source plugin to convert a wordpress website to an ecommerce one. Woocommerce was launched on September 27, 2011, but this plugin was quickly accepted by the developer community, mainly due to its simplicity to use and its adaptability to customization. One of the most important reason which made Woocommerce this customizable was the fact that tons of plugins were developed by the community which made any enhancement features (to extend the default features) was available on a single-click download of these plugins.

Here we analysing some of the various types of plugins that are available and how this enhances the overall features of a woocommerce website. However, these are not a standard categorization made by Wordpress or Woocommerce but just put together by us for a better and easy understanding.

1) Plugins to bring in interactivity to your Woocommerce stores

The first type of plugins that we’re going to discuss is the plugins that enhances the interactivty of the Woocommerce website.

Carousel plugins - These plugins make the website more vibrant with the products listed as a slider and the users can slide through and select the required products of their choice.

Infinite Scrolling - The infinite scrolling plugins, as the name suggests, makes the products load on a sam page as the users scrolls down.

Zoom Magnifier - Zoom magnifier plugins enables the visitors to see a magnified view of the products and can look the products in more depth.

2) Plugins to bring in good User Experience and enhance the shopping experience

The next set of plugins are those which enhances the user experience of the website. SOme of them are below:

Woocommerce Wishlist Plugins - These plugins enables the users to create a wishlist of the products that they likes to buy in the future.
Woocommerce Quantity Increment Plugins - This plugin enables the users to add various number inputs of a product to their shopping cart from where they could purchase them all in a single click.

Ajax Product Filter - The Ajax product filter plugins enables the filtering of the products without having to load the whole web page and thereby enhance the user experience.

Woocommerce Product Add ons - This plugin enables to customize the fields in the ordering page wherein the users will be shown various options to select (from the various extra fields added in the backend). The Woocommerce extra product options plugin comes with various field types enabled in it like Text field, number field, custom price field, image selection field etc.

3) Plugins to enhance sales

Woocommerce Discount Plugins - There are a of Woocommerce plugins which enables to set discounts and special offers, which in turn can boost the sales by a lot. There are bunch of these discounts plugins with features like deals, offers or promotions all focused on increasing the checkout and website conversions.

Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin - Dynamic pricing and discount plugin enables the feature of setting the discounts based on various conditions like quantity, total cart value, loyalty with the website (based on previous orders) etc. This is a really useful plugin to enhance the cross-selling and upselling from the website.

WooCommerce Checkout Manager - The checkout manager plugin enables to manager the checkout page effectively by enabling the feature to add or remove fields from the checkout page and also export the order by the name of the field.

4) Plugins for payment and invoices

PayPal payment Gateway - Paypal is the leading payment gateway in the world and once integrated the website can collect Payment through Paypal account, credit card and debit card of the users very easily.

Stripe Payment Gateway - Stripe is one of the most popular payment gateway and the free Woocommerce plugin helps to integrate the website with Stripe easily. Stripe also accepts Apple pay, so the users can pay via the Apple pay as well.

Pay With Amazon - Amazon pay is a free Woocommerce payment plugin which enables the users to login with their Amazon account details and pay via Amazon pay.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices - This plugin basically enhances the invoicing process, wherein it generates PDF invoices based on the purchase and send those out to the customers. There will also be many pre-built templates which makes the whole process simpler.

5) Miscellaneous plugins

Woocommerce Multilingual Plugin - The base of this plugin is the WPML translation plugin and this plugin helps in translating the Woocommerce store and all the all the products in it. This plugin is also useful when you need to run only one WooCommerce store but with multiple currency options in it.

Currency Switcher - The currency switcher plugin is a useful plugin when the user need to switch currency and know the exact value of the product in their own currency. This is really handy plugin when the ecommerce store is targeting customers from across the world.

Social login - There would literally be no one, who uses the internet, who doesn’t have a social media profile account and this popularity of the social media sites has led to the concept of signing up and logging in to a website using your social profile account. There are many social login plugins which enables the option of accessing the website through their social media profiles, viz Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc which makes it more easy and comfortable for the users without having to remember any new login credentials.

Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce - Google analytics is an essential aspect for any website and for the Woocommerce website it’s really a must-have as you really need to track the goal conversions and the user-journey so as to improve the overall conversions from the website. It obviously gives you a lot more information, like traffic, traffic sources, popular products, popular city etc which gives the store owners to make informed decisions.

These are a very few types of plugins from the thousands of good Woocommerce plugins, built by talented developers across the world, which all are capable of enhancing the default feature of Woocommerce to any level and which in turn makes WooCommerce the best ecommerce plugin available now.

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