In your haste to find a cure for your erectile dysfunction, you may well have been tempted to try one of the many Internet promoted “natural” remedies. Unfortunately, herbal cures for erectile dysfunction are unproven and by enlarge do not work. Worse than that, they may also be very dangerous.

That you may have wanted to try herbal remedies, as a quick fix for your erectile dysfunction, is absolutely understandable and human. Website advertisements for these herbal products are very compelling indeed and offer to make you “rock hard every time” or your money back guaranteed. Furthermore, they make all sorts of claims about clinical studies and FDA approval without giving any verifiable details about where these studies were published or the verifiable location of the “approved” manufacturing plant.

Then there is the popular myth out there that just because something is ‘natural’ is must be safe. However, you already know this not to be true. For example, you can eat the stems of rhubarb but rhubarb leaves are toxic. A handful of yew pines are enough to kill you stone dead while several naturally occurring funguses are equally lethal. Natural is not necessarily safe but the flashing websites never point out this.

Herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction typically contain naturally occurring substances like Horny Goat Weed Extract, L-Arginine, Gingko Biloba and Yohimbe among many others. None of these substances is totally void of side effects but none more so than the latter mentioned Yohimbine bark extract or Yohimbe. Very little of this naturally occurring African plant extract can induce nausea, nervousness, insomnia and, if taken in sufficient quantise, cardiac arrest and death.

As a doctor who has been treating erectile dysfunction for thirty years or more, I can also tell you this: Impotence or erectile dysfunction is never a simple one-cause problem. Rather a complex and often-temporary disability ED usually needs professional assessment to decide what the best way forwards is. It is definitely not my intention here to deride herbal medicines or to support an already inflated pharmaceutical industry. Nevertheless, simply throwing a mixture of unproven and untested herbs at the problem is naïve in the extreme and probably a waste of your money. It might also be very damaging indeed even fatal and I’ll tell you why.

Like anyone else who cares about these things, I am very concerned about the appalling rise in the suicide rates, especially suicide in young men that we have been witnessing lately. I know that erectile dysfunction, caused by performance anxiety, is a common problem among young men. I also know that the problem can be such as to drive some of them to at least contemplate ending it all and taking their own life. I know this because they have told me so. Therefore, it behoves all of us to act with the utmost responsibility and sensitivity when dealing with subjects like erectile dysfunction in young men. The very last thing that these men need is to be made false and hyped-up promises about what fantastic lovers they will became after they have consumed such-and-such a herbal product.

Because, when that product fails to deliver, as it often must do, then that let down, that final betrayal as it were, may be, just maybe sufficiently traumatic to snap a young mind, already harbouring ideas of suicide, into turning those ideas into a hideous reality. We must be very careful here and all of us have a role to play, myself included of course. The people manufacturing herbal cures for erectile dysfunction, the people promoting them, the people making unsubstantiated claims for them, the overseers of web sites and search engines, all of us have a duty of care not to make false promises in this very delicate and complex area of human sexual dysfunction. Young lives may depend upon it.

If I can be of any help to you in sorting out any erectile difficulty that you might be having, then please visit me at and ask me any question you like. It never hurts to talk.

Author's Bio: 

Dr Andrew Rynne is a medical speialist practising in Dublin Ireland. He has thirty years experience in treating men with sexual difficulties.