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Risk Factors for cervical dysplasia or cervical cancers include: multiple sexual partners, young age at first intercourse, unprotected intercourse, HPV, Chlamydia, and HIV, poor immune status, poor nutritional status, smoking, use of oral contraceptives, and more. The purpose of today’s post is to address use of various vaginal suppositories such as green tea suppositories, vag pak, vaginal depletion pack and others in the quest for remission of cervical dysplasia. I receive daily requests for information regarding buying these vaginal suppositories on a daily basis. Here is a brief history on their use, my recommendations will follow below.

Vaginal Suppositories: Escharotic treatment
The use of escharotic or caustic treatments for epithelial cancers is based on a centuries-old observation that select plant and mineral extracts could be used to treat topical skin lesions. Two small studies show the efficacy of this treatment in reversing cervical dysplasia in women. This treatment is used for CIN I and II after a satisfactory colposcopy is performed and if there is no disease in the endocervical canal and no glandular cells present. Escharotic treatment for cervical dysplasia involves the local application of a natural enzyme, bromelain, to the surface of the cervix. This is left in place for 15 minutes with heat applied to activate the enzyme. The protein dissolving properties in bromelain dissolve the top layer of cells on the cervix which are infected and damaged by the HPV virus. A mixture of zinc chloride and a plant (Sanguinaria) is applied to the cervix to cause sloughing of abnormal tissue. Zinc chloride is caustic and acts to disrupt the cellular membrane integrity and the mucus over coating to allow the Sangunaria to penetrate the cells. Sanguinaria has been shown to have anti-neoplastic qualities. The treatment is performed twice per week with at least two days in between treatments for 4-5 weeks. The ZnCl solution is made by a compounding pharmacist.

Vaginal suppository treatment
Vaginal depletion packs have been in use since the 1800s. Vaginal depletion packs, Vag pak, work by the action of the substances within the packs, which draw infection out of the cervical cells and boast the immune system. Each suppository contains: magnesium sulfate, glycerin complex, hydrastis tincture, thuja oil, tea tree oil, bitter orange oil, vitamin-A (as palmitate) 100,000 iu, ferric sulfate,ferrous sulfate in polybase. Hydrastis canadensis is effective against many microbial pathogens, as are the essential oils of tea tree, thuja and bitter orange.Vag Pak suppositories are often used for mild dysplsia and/or high risk HPV.

Green tea suppositories are also effective for cervical dysplasia and HPV. ECGC in green tea was evaluated on cervical epithelial; cells and cervical cancer cells and HPV. Green tea inhibited cancer cell growth, induced apoptosis, decreased gene expression, and cell cycle changes. As mentioned green tea has been shown to be effective against HPV.

Critics of natural medicine say there is no published evidence that these options work or are backed in science. There are several recent published articles explaining the science and patient outcomes. One can be found at

As a specialist in the area of HPV, cervical dysplasia etc, I feel it is important that a woman be informed of her options for managing cervical health. In my opinion, and clinical experience the very best outcomes occur with an individualized program addressing the patient’s immune system, diet and lifestyle factors. The least invasive, most natural, safe and effective treatments that address the cause should be offered. There are times natural medicine is not an exclusive option for treating cervical cell changes due to the severity and location of disease but in many cases naturopathic treatment of cervical dysplasia and HPV is the safest and most effective option. I do not advocate suppositories alone as the condition can and does recur. With the right comprehensive treatment protocol, most of my clients reach remission in 3 to 6 months. I do work long distance with clients so please feel free to call to schedule an appointment at 847 577-4455. Thank you! Next week I will investigate a phenomenon causing deaths of dogs due to pet food. Sign up here for more information and future blog posts. Don't forget to visit our Natural Pharmacy for great prices, FRESH NEW EFFECTIVE products and free shipping on hundreds of "doctor only"products.We add new products daily. If you'd like us to offer something send us an email at and I will be happy to add it. Thanks so much. Our new website is still being developed I appreciate your patience as we perfect it. Thank you!

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