When you are in a committed relationship, Valentine's Day is the most important day of the entire year. You should show your undying love for each other and celebrate the magnificent connection that you have through spending large amounts of money on flowers, candy and jewelry. You should be planning the entire day's event months in advance, and spending a huge amount of time on making sure that each and every detail is taken care of. Be forewarned; if you are not doing everything that you possibly can to make your partner feel incredibly special then you will probably crush their heart.

Are you feeling stressed yet? Does this seem just a bit over the top?

While the above is what the retailers and commercials would have us believe, we know deep down that Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday, not about love and relationships. In its current form, V- day is about selling candy, flowers and diamond jewelry. Valentines is a day of stress for many couples, worrying about what gift will send exactly the right message about their love. So, what message do you really want to send to your partner? Here are some great ideas that are easy, inexpensive and truly come from the heart.

1. Make a list of why you love your partner, or your favorite things about them. Think about the specific things that make you smile. The list can be hidden in a card, small gift or book of poems.
2. Frame a favorite picture of the two of you as a couple and give as a gift. Pair it with a simple picnic of wine and cheese.
3. Skip the restaurants, and create a romantic dinner at home. Make it easy by picking up prepared foods at Trader Joes or your favorite restaurant, and make it special by setting a nice table with candles, flowers and table cloth. Do a fondue with cheese and bread, or just a dessert fondue. Spending the quiet time at home is far more romantic than fighting the crowds.
4. Make a CD mix-up of the songs that remind you of your partner. Deliver it and sing the songs to them- guaranteed to make a hit.
5. Give simple, inexpensive but luxurious gifts of soaps, oils and bath salts. Many places sell beautiful products that are very affordable. Try doing a couples massage or bath.
6. Create a video about the special times that you have shared, using photos from the past of the two of you. Upload the video on YouTube or Facebook so that your partner can see it (and so can their friends!)

Hopefully, these ideas will generate some creativity of your own, or you can just use these to make your V Day truly memorable. Don't stress about how you should show your love to your partner- just do it! Remember, Valentine's Day should be about loving each other, not the commercials.

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