I’ve Loved the idea of Utopia since I heard about it as a girl.

Looking up the definition, based on Sir Thomas More’s 1516 book by that title, it’s an imaginary place. Literally translated as “Nowhere”.

My definition of Utopia is the ideal society...

Individuals living to their full potential and a culture of contribution allowing all to thrive.

And I believe that we can make this “Imagined society” real.

No longer nowhere, but everywhere!

My question for you now: Why wait for the future to arrive?

It is ours to make today!

Let’s make our reality what we want it to be. We’ve already got a great start!

The quality of life has been improving as we go.

Now we have the technology and knowledge to catapult ourselves forward to a higher standard of living all around the globe.

What’s Utopia Look Like?

The fastest way to make our vision of an ideal society come into existence is to think about it, talk about it and take action to make it real.

Dream big. Once we dream it, we can do it...

A world where everybody is clothed, fed and sheltered.

Clean water is easily accessible.

Communities of Love support individuals with empowering education and opportunities to pursue personal purpose.

Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health is fostered from the beginning of life.

We live in harmony with the Biosphere and enjoy all the beauty and abundance that She provides.

Creating Utopia

Again, the first step is thinking about it.

The next step is believing that it really is possible to bring it into our reality.

Then we must each play our part in the progress we desire to see in our lifetime.

We each have the amazing ability to live our lives how we want.

Recognize your own power and decide to make each day count towards living out your personal mission.

Find happiness in the journey, and we’ll reach our destination at the speed of Love.

We’re there!

I believe that we will achieve a Utopian state more quickly than we may now imagine possible as more people step into their authentic roles.

Together, we can invent and implement solutions to all of our challenges.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to accomplishing this is the idea that it’s too much to tackle.

As soon as we open our minds to the concept of conscious, collective creation, we’ve made a gigantic leap towards realizing our most beautiful visions for tomorrow.

♥ ♥ ♥

These are just some of my thoughts about Utopia.

How about you?

What ideas do you have to add to this discussion?

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