Although using feng shui can sometimes seem a bit confusing and difficult, there are some basic color guidelines that you can use in order to simply the process. Feng shui consists of the five various elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Each of these elements has certain colors associated it, which can be used to attract the desired energies to your life and living space. Adding harmonious feng shui to your home and surroundings can be as simple as using the appropriate colors for each of these elements.

The Colors of Fire
The element of fire can be used to increase and enhance your own personal energy. It is often thought of in regards to career success and recognition. Fire is considered to be a very strong element in feng shui. The colors that represent the fire element include red, bright yellow, orange, pink and purple. Using red accessories in your home or office, such as adding a red flower or a piece of furniture upholstered in red fabric can be a good way of introducing the fire element, especially if it's included in the northeast, south or southwest areas of your home or office. You could also consider painting a wall in one of these locations with one of the fire colors.

The Colors of Earth
The element of earth helps to create a harmonious environment and enhances the stability of your life and home. The element of earth is represented by neutral shades of beige and light yellow. The colors of the earth element are often recommended for the center of your home or office. Paint the walls of a central room in your home with a sandy beige or light yellow shade to introduce the colors of earth.

The Colors of Metal
The element of metal is thought to bring clarity to one's life, in addition to enhancing focus and precision. The colors of metal include metallic shades, as well as gray and white. The north, northwest and west areas are great places to include the colors of metal. A ceiling painted white, or metallic appliances can be used to add the colors of metal to your home environment.

The Colors of Water
In feng shui, water is often considered to be a sign of abundance. Water can bring a sense of calm and renewal to your environment, with blue and black being the colors associated with water. Including these colors in the southeast, east and northern areas of your living space can add the positive energies of water. An art print depicting a seascape can be a great way of adding the color of water to your home, or try painting a room in a refreshing light blue shade.

The Colors of Wood
The element of wood is thought to bring the energy of good health and abundance into the home. The colors connected with the wood element are green and brown. These colors are most effective when used in the south, southeast and east areas of your living space. Try adding a lush green plant, or paint a wall in a beautiful shade of light green to add the colors of wood to your home.

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