Do you know that you can change the way you live by simply harnessing the abundant positive energies and vibrational resonance around Using The Law Of Attractionyou?

The law of vibration states that there are many unseen vibrational resonances around us which we all can utilize by using the law of attraction.

Would you like to learn about the Law of Attraction?

Well, basically the law of attraction is new thought that simply states that like attracts like.

To put it another way, negative energy is magnetically attracted to negative energy and similarly positive energy is magnetically attracted to positive energy.

What energy we emit is the exact energy we attract.

Therefore the more we emit positive energy which we do through our thoughts and feelings the more likely we will receive the same in return.

It’s like giving a smile to somebody thus receiving a smile in return.


To make use of the free unseen vibrational resonance around us so that you trigger into action the magnetic powers of the law of attraction, one has to harness the powers of your own mind.

The mind through your thoughts and feelings determines how best you utilize the vibrational resonance or the energy field around us.

When we truly understand this, we will then hold the key to creating a truly enriching and rewarding life.

There is a saying “You are your attraction”.

A clear statement that what we believe in is what we attract.

The power of attraction gives us the ability to make use of the powerful vibrational resonance and harness it to make a more positive result.

To utilize the universal law of attraction one must focus on the end result rather than the means to achieve it.

When you focus on the result or the outcome of an event or situation the chances of getting it is much higher and the means of getting it will follow.

There are many people who have experienced the same thing and due to their strong dedication and mentality to what they badly want, they have received the result that they want much faster.

There are many people that think and feel young which in turn make them much younger in appearance than the people their own age.


Many of the books out there focus on using the law of attraction to attract money and become wealthy.

Yes this law certainly will help you attract all the money and wealth you could ever wish for, but it can also bring to you an abundance of many other riches and possessions such as love, health, happiness and fulfillment.

What makes the law of attraction such a powerful force in life is that it enables you to attract whatever it is you truly desire.

When you want to land the job that you so long dream to have, it’s vital however to think and condition yourself the result you want like “I have the dream job that I want” rather than “I feel I won’t be hired”.

It’s a bit like positive thinking and the only thing that is different is that instead of thinking of the means to get it, you are thinking that you surely will and already have what you want.

The more you emit that positive attracting power, the more likely it is that you’ll get it…it really is that simple.


The law of attraction like every other universal law is always at work. It doesn’t take vacations; it’s an obsessive workaholic- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

A good example of this law at work is those days that we all have had at one time or other. A day when everything imaginable that can go wrong, goes wrong.

Does this ring a bell? You get up in the morning and you scream and curse as stub your toe on the corner bed. You then make some toast and you burn it to a cinder. Then when cleaning your teeth you spill toothpaste on your clean shirt. Next you get caught in traffic meaning you arrive late at work.

It seems you’re going from one disaster to the next and it continues in that vein right throughout the day.

Yes we’ve all had them.

So why does this happen? Well this is the manifesting law of attraction for you.

The screaming and cursing from stubbing your toe causes a lowering of your vibrational energy level, which in turn results in you manifesting and attracting more of the same.

The more negative energy we emit through our anger, frustrations and annoyances, the more of those situation we attract, hence the catalogue of misfortunes that followed.

But the good news is, that this trend can be quickly reversed by simply changing your frequency from one of a lower energy to that of a higher energy which will then result in the negative attraction stopping and kick-starting a positive attraction at that very moment.


As I touched on at the beginning of this article, the law of attraction is greatly connected to the law of vibration in many ways.

First the law of attraction will not be complete without the law of vibration and the same goes with the law of vibration because the law of vibration states that there are many unseen vibrational resonance around us and the only way to utilize it is by using the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is the means of using the energies around us to make us more fulfilled and at peace with ourselves as well as being free of the negative thoughts and feeling that causes fear and anxiety.

The law of attraction is limitless and endless and we have all the means possible in order to manifest and attract all the things that we truly want, we just have to have that attitude and the will to be positive in life.

It can attract instant manifestation of the thing you want to happen or get. You just have to have a strong mentality and focus on the very thing or event that you desire, and leave the rest to the infinite powers of the universe

You can do magical and extraordinary things when using the law of attraction. The secret is knowing how and when to apply it.

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We are all using the law of attraction in some way or other whether we know it or not. It is constantly at work in our lives. When applied properly the law of attraction can manifest anything you want and desire in your life. Discover simple ways of using the law of attraction so you can create success and abundance beyond your wildest dreams.