“Google AdWords” is a platform where you can market your wholesale products and services to a wide range of targeted customers. It advertises your wholesale products and services in Google search engine and its affiliate sites with little cost. You are just required to open an account with Google AdWords and submit a list of a keywords or phrases you wish to target. Your ads appear in the form of title with a 2 lines descriptive note and a sponsored link below these lines.
When it comes to payment of the advertisement, it is cheap as compared to other media. You are only required to pay when any visitor clicks on your ads and visits your wholesale website. So, it is a pay per click mechanism. This is how Google AdWords works. Let’s have a look at how it is beneficial for the wholesale businesses and how it helps to get new business leads for your wholesale business.
As you know wholesale businesses deal in bulk quantities and mostly their scale of operation is quite large. This large scale of operation also requires large advertisement to maximize sales potential. When your wholesale business is online one of the most effective ways to get new business leads for your wholesale business is advertising it through Google because it is the top search engine. Submitting your ads in Google AdWords hence gives great exposure to your wholesale business. When any visitor searches your keywords, he is likely to come across your ads and click on your links. In this way, the traffic is diverted to your website and there are many chances that this traffic may result in new business leads for your wholesale business and increase your conversion rate. You might even be able to get in touch with suppliers or retailers with this handy little tool.
Google AdWords is used as an important SEO tool to improve search engine ranking. When your ads land on the first page of the Google search the chances of getting new business leads for the manufacturers becomes even more evident. Google AdWords bring new business leads immediately as compared to other SEO tools. This facility is highly customized and the users can change, add and edit any keywords related to his business. It also facilitates you to choose the time length of your wholesale ads or if single or multiple ads need to be displayed.
So, if you are an online wholesaler or one of those dropshippers, and you are looking for new business leads in no time then nothing is as effective as a smartly run “Google AdWords” campaign can be.

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