Project and process management tools have been around for as long as business itself. These tools have often been hard to use and useful to only a handful of people within the company. The reports that have been generated are also crude and lack anything to make them visually appealing to upper management. Luckily, there is a new Kanban board online that is easy to understand, visually appealing, and has the ability to create reports that will impress the management team at your company.

In order to understand exactly how this board works, it is important to understand exactly what Kanban is. Kanban is a project and process management system that focuses on lean manufacturing and just-in-time techniques in order to cut costs and increase savings. The system itself works by having several predetermined indicators set, which are called "cards," that will tell the employees when something has to be done. For example, if more inventory needs to be produced when the warehouse is down to 20 units, then 20 units will be the card for that system. When 20 units is reached, the card will be turned in to the manufacturer and more units will be produced. Likewise, if an upper card is set, production will stop until the lower limit is reached. This keeps inventory costs down and management happy.

When this system was created in the 1940s, it was all done with large black or white boards and chalk or pen. Now there are these boards that are available through online sources. These online boards allow the users to see exactly where the company is on its production processes through graphical displays and an integration with the ERP or other systems in the company this link. These boards can all be customized to show the exact processes used for the company that is using the board, and specific cards can be created as indicators using visual tools that the users of the boards will easily understand.

Because these boards are online, another aspect of the production process is now available that was not available when Kanban boards were first used. Several different members of the company will be able to see exactly where in the production process the company is without having to change their location. This means that the system is even more efficient than it has been in the past due to the use of the online platforms that are available.

Having a Kanban board online is something that every company with a production or project process should do. These boards are not only easily customizable, making the displays easy to understand and in the verbiage of the company using them, but they are also hosted on online platforms, meaning that all of the users, no matter where they are, can see them. Overall, these boards are a pivotal part in reducing waste and costs in the production process.

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