Referral marketing is a method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals, usually. These referrals often happen spontaneously but businesses can influence this through appropriate strategies. Here I give some tips how you can use referral marketing to improve your purchases.

Let your customers know the positive effects of your brand on your life

Sharing stories like this is very encouraging. You should let your customers know how using your products have changed their life positively. The chances are that they will be encouraged to talk about it with their friends as well.

Advertise a list of your best clients making the world know your clients will encourage them to become customers as well. Customers have more confident in brands that have been used by very many other people. By publishing a long list of your current clients, the audience will definitely be impressed and attracted to your brand. This should, however, be done with the permission of your clients.

Let your customers know the special features of your brand

What is the most striking feature of your products? It is important that your customers know this. Having this knowledge will make it easier for them to send referrals. A customer might have bought Delonghi Multifry air fryer from you because they like it, but if your air fryer had extra features, let your customers know this and when they see someone who might need fryer with those features, your customers will tell them about your brand.

Improve your customer experience strategies

First, it is important to align the strategies you have chosen to improve customer experience with your business goals. It is much better than using generalized indexes from surveys carried out for businesses in your industry. These surveys can be misleading because an appreciation in the figures might mean your customers are happy but this has been achieved at the expense of making profits.
To avoid this situation, your customer experience improvement strategies should be adequately aligned with the business KPIs to ensure a balance in all the aspects of your business.

These strategies usually have an impact after a few months so you should be patient while you closely monitor the turn of events. It is therefore important to make provisions to accommodate the period between execution and getting results.

Referral marketing is ultimately about expanding your network by leveraging on other people`s network. It is effective; you should give referral marketing some serious thought if you haven’t already started doing it.

Engage new employees for better CX

New employees need to be integrated into the system in a professional way that encourages their abilities to work within a team. The new employees should be made to understand the culture of knowledge sharing and its overall benefits in improving the business. Good communication among the employees also makes it easier for the new employees to get valuable information they need to perform better at their new jobs. Isolating new employees from the team will only increase their chances of making costly mistakes which will be bad for the business. They need to be taught the culture of your business and the values that every other employee has learned over the years.

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Tori Utley is a professional blogger.