Brahmi is the highly renowned herb used for a host of medical applications and healing purposes. This is taken in great regard in the Ayurvedic system of medication and there are innumerable medicines which use Brahmi as a component.

In memory aid and memory boosting medications, Brahmi is very often used. Similarly, Brahmi is used for treatment of Alzheimer's, anxiety, ADHD and healing allergic conditions. Alternately, Brahmi has even been considered as a fine tonic for getting over stress.

But probably the most sought after and cited application of Brahmi is for hair growth.

In Ayurveda, it is even believed that as you use Brahmi oil for hair, it makes the mind sharper as well. With usage of Brahmi for hair, hair is strengthened from the roots while the strands are thickened as well. And as a combined effect, hair growth is boosted.

Some of the other key benefits of Brahmi for hair are:

o Over a few weeks of usage, number of split ends reduces drastically.

o It coats the hair and works towards reducing hair damage.

o One develops the desired volume and length.

o Use Brahmi not just for hair growth but overcoming dandruff as well.

o This reduces dryness of skin and allows one to get over itchy scalp.

For its vast applications in improving hair quality, strength, rejuvenating hair follicles and adding a renewed shine to hair, Brahmi is used in a host of primary and supplementary hair treatments. This is used as not just oil, but also as a conditioner and shampoo.

Research even shows that using Brahmi Oil improves functioning of the brain, and the mind is empowered to stay more energetic and aware. Brahmi oil is rich in antioxidants which are essential for developing brain cell functions.

Experts often recommend Brahmi for growing kids as the magical herb facilitates better learning and concentration. In Ayurveda, it is believed that Brahmi is an herb which makes the intellect stronger! For its vast applications in enhancing the cognitive function and improving logical thought process, Brahmi is classified in Ayurveda as a Medhya.

In particular, a scalp massage with Brahmi hair oil is known to be very useful for an enhanced hair health. This refreshes the scalp, and the oil reaches right to the hair roots to promote growth of newer and healthier hair.

Additionally, massaging Brahmi oil on to the scalp has been known to be a cure for insomnia and related disorders. The herb keeps the scalp cool. So you may choose to use the oil generously on the scalp and massage for 10 - 15 minutes.

Pushpam Hair Oil is a compilation of some of the most effective Ayurvedic herbs, each of which is well renowned for its prowess for hair care and enhancing hair growth. Some of these include Bhringraj, Amla, Jatamansi, Brahmi and Henna.

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