Is that possible? Yes of course. With the help of Calgary Movers Pro you will be in your new home or business premises in no time without any worries. An urgent move is often a stressful event, but handing it over to our experienced movers and handymen makes it easy. From the move itself to refurbishing the new home or new business premises, Calgary Movers is ready for you.

Why an urgent move?

An urgent move can have various reasons, often an urgent move is necessary due to, for example, a divorce, the sudden death of a family member or the termination of a temporary lease. Think of anti-squat homes which have recently become extremely popular among young people. Living for next to nothing in a house or apartment that is for sale, living in a commercial building that is going to be demolished or your living room in a church. In this case, of course, you know in advance that if your rent is terminated by the landlord, you have to move out within a month, but there are often less obvious reasons. Unfortunately, an urgent move is often the result of a negative event, with a divorce you would like to have everything arranged as quickly as possible while your head is not at all about it. And in the event of a sudden death of a loved one, everything must be done discreetly, but quickly. This while you have to arrange a funeral and have something else on your mind.

Moving by yourself or with help?

We can well imagine that with an urgent move, your budget often does not allow you to hire movers and a removal van. With the help of family and friends, you can come a long way, but due to the time pressure, an urgent move can be or become very stressful. That is why it is also possible at Calgary Movers to rent only the removal van with/without a driver. In addition, you can also hire various movers and handymen for a relatively cheap hourly rate. You can use our professional moving materials and the expertise and knowledge of an experienced mover. This way you make it as expensive as your budget allows and you will not be faced with surprises, because you make a clear relocation plan with us in advance.


Calgary Movers regularly receive requests by e-mail and telephone whether they can move urgently. Often due to a breakup or divorce! Unfortunately, this happens more often than intended, but Calgary Movers has now built up extensive experience. It is not easy to move indiscretion. The move often has to be carried out between certain times without the ex-partner noticing this and finding out about the new location. Calgary Movers naturally takes this into account and we are happy to offer you a helping hand.

In the case of an urgent move, Calgary Movers can often serve you the same day or the next day, provided you live in Calgary. It is therefore best to contact the removal manager of Calgary Movers by telephone to receive appropriate advice and to prepare a quote for you. This way the move can be started immediately! Request more information at our website or immediately receive a suitable quote.

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